Roots Black Roots: Willie Dixon

“The blues is the roots; everything else is the fruits.“ (Willie Dixon) For us on the Epic Metal Blog, there is no question that every decent person has to speak out against racism – fortunately, the same also applies to the vast majority of our readers, who repeatedly express themselves in this regard, in comments, […]

Interview: Claymorean

If there is a new album in the house of Claymorean soon, it is obvious that we let our Serbian friends have their say in detail. However, I spoke with Vladimir Garčević not only about the new release By This Sword We Rule: A Decade of Steel, but about many other topics. This time, we […]

Manilla Road Special (47): Ryan Ohlson (Knight & Gallow)

After a relatively long break, we are very happy to continue our Manilla Road Special today. This time we talked to Ryan Ohlson, guitarist in Knight & Gallow from Sacramento, a band that has already been featured on our blog several times. We hope you enjoy reading it. André: Would you classify Manilla Road as […]

Interview: Tower Hill

Most of you probably know that we are very fond of the Canadian metal scene on our blog. Therefore, it was high time to dedicate ourselves to Tower Hill from Edmonton on this platform. We spoke with band founder R.F. Traynor – the result is an extremely interesting interview that increases the anticipation for Tower […]

Interview: Tyler Anderson (Gatekeeper / Odinfist)

After we presented you an interview with Jeff Black last week, we follow up with a very informative chat with Tyler Anderson in our little Gatekeeper special, who not only talks about his new band, but also about his other group, Odinfist. And of course there’s a lot more! André: Hi Tyler, thanks for taking […]