Interview: Eyelessight

Here we have already talked several times about our great 2023 festival kick-off in Mannheim: The Atmospheric Arts Festival could excite us all around – reason enough to speak with another band that impressed us on this evening. This time we talked to HK from the Italian act Eyelessight.

André: Hi, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. My colleague Aidan and I visited the first edition of the Atmospheric Arts Festival in Mannheim on 14 January. Have you ever played in Germany in the past? And if so, where did you perform with Eyelessight?

HK: Hi, all. Of course, if I’m not wrong, we were in Erfurt, Berlin, Oberhausen, Straßkirchen … in different tours with GràPsychonaut 4Vanhelga …

André: What did you think of the festival? We were very excited – 5 great bands, on top of that a pretty full house…

HK: It was a total success! For us, it is a pleasure to focus on the right people and to see that they are able to meet and far exceed their expectations.

André: Aidan and I already noticed in December at the Wintermelodei in Münster that the audience at black metal festivals is much younger than at many events in the classic metal area. That was also the case at Atmospheric Arts. Is it the same in Italy? And what do you think is the reason for that?

HK: Honestly, I’ve never noticed that before, especially I’ve never considered the age. Maybe I would say younger than old, but only because I probably have more acquaintances close to my age than others.

André: At which festivals can you actually be found as a fan, in front of the stage? And where did you particularly like to perform with your band?

HK: Unfortunately, I don’t go to festivals that often because of my work, but I’ve been to so many, for example Brutal AssaultEindhoven Metal MeetingUnder The Black SunThrone FestTombstoned Fest and to some of them for several editions. This year, who knows … I’m usually a last minute person. As for our gigs, we have 1 or 2 places we will never forget, but in general we have always loved playing in Germany and it’s not about the clubs, but of course the warm atmosphere we breathe and feel with the people every time we are there.

André: There are probably some readers of our blog who don’t know your band yet. Please tell us something about Eyelessight. When did you start – and what do you want to express with your art?

HK: To make a long story short, as we have already written, we were friends and had shared experiences like making music, trips and festivals, listening to the rehearsals of our respective bands, getting drunk and so on …. it was simply sharing our lives and it was just inevitable.

André: Let’s say I want to get someone excited about your band: Which two Eyelessight songs should I play to him or her as an introduction?

HK: “Nostomania“ and “Smarrendo illusioni“. “Nostomania“ is the prelude to everything. The inability to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings after being abandoned or losing a loved one. The music is slow with sweet arpeggios, but what you will feel is a punch to the heart! The second throws you back to reality, makes you lose all the illusions you have built up to that moment and makes you understand that you are just a disappointment. Musically, I think this is the strangest piece on the album. Of course, that’s just my opinion, music changes for me from ear to ear.

André: Let’s look into the future: Your last album Athazagorafobia was released in 2018. When can we expect new Eyelessight material?

HK:  We have learned over time that we are not a band that can programme its music for the reasons I wrote 2 answers before. So you can expect a song or album in the next 3 days that we didn’t release 2 years ago (as we decided), but we’re not always willing to share what our music wants to say. Oops… Everything will happen at the right time. Anyway, we released 2 singles after Athazagorafobia: “Jingle knells“ in 2019 and “De(il)lusion“ in 2021.

André: What events or experiences inspire you in your songwriting? One could claim that the current world situation provides plenty of material for a black metal band…

HK: It’s just life, our own life. As you know, everything influences it. So when you start to use all those emotions and let them out, let the “therapy” come true … that’s when your deepest thoughts become songwriting.

André: Which records have influenced you the most as an artist?

HK: I never tried to get inspiration for my records from other artists. Maybe I did, but I don’t remember where, when and which song I listened to for that. I just follow what I feel and give my best to my bands. Anyway, not as a musician, but as a listener … I will never forget a single second of an album like Ashes Against the Grain [by Agalloch, AK].

André: Which album released last year did you particularly like?

HK: I can’t really answer the question, I listen to a lot of new music whenever I have time, but I can hardly remember names and titles. In any case, I heard a single in 2022 that stayed with me for a long time and meant a lot to me, but it has nothing to do with depressive black metal. Heilung – “Anoana“.

André: Thank you for the interview and I wish you and your band all the best!

HK: Thank you very much, it will surely be a busy year and we hope it will be the same for you.

Eyelessight on Bandcamp.

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