Live report: Hell’s Heroes V (Part I)

On 24 and 25 March 2023, the 5th edition of the Hell’s Heroes festival took place in Houston. The billing included numerous bands that are among the main Epic Metal Blog favourites: Morgul Blade, Gatekeeper, Spell, Visigoth and many more. Since a lot of our readers are based in North America, it made perfect sense to use them as live reporters. We start today with a young musician from Canada who has accompanied our blog for many years: Kalen Baker, founder of the “Bedroom Goth” band Poltergeist. Have fun reading his impressions!

André: Where are you from? And how long did you travel to get to the festival location? Was it your first time there?

Kalen: I’m from Calgary, Canada. Flew 4 hours to Houston. This was my second time at Hell’s Heroes. I had a great time last year and this year was somehow way better in so many ways!

André: Which bands were your highlights at this year’s Hell’s Heroes?

Kalen: My highlights this year were Spell and Unto Others. They’re two of my favorite bands in the current metal scene. Seeing my fav bands was an indescribable experience. Was also really happy to see Pagan Altar, Satan, Hällas, Sonja, Haunt and Gatekeeper!

André: What do you think of the location? Please also tell us something about the atmosphere on the grounds.

Kalen: The venue is pretty nice! The fest is held at White Oak Music Hall. It’s a pretty big space with two rooms, each with their own stage and an outdoor stage. This year was better because of the outdoor stage (which wasn’t part of the fest last year). Made it way easier to hear the bands while still chatting with friends, ordering drinks and buying merch.

André: Which bands would you like to see next year?

Kalen: My wishlist for next Hell’s Heroes is Angel Witch, Mercyful Fate, Tribulation, Wytch Hazel, Jag Panzer, Seven Sisters, Cauldron (reunion), Tower Hill, Deathsvn, Smoulder.

Check out Poltergeist on Bandcamp.

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