Interview: Darklon

We are very happy to present you another interview with our Greek friends Darklon. We talked to guitarist D.K. Kras about their new album The Redeemer, with which the guys will surely win many new fans.

André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How are you?

D.K. Kras: I am fine, thank you, I am glad to see you again, it is always a pleasure.

André: Have you already bought an album that was released this year?

D.K. Kras: Yes, I bought some. My latest additions were TriumpherAir RaidMace ‘n’ Chain and I am waiting for the new Sacred Outcry.

André: On 19 May your second full-length album will be released: The Redeemer. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the great artwork. Can you please tell our readers some background information about it?

D.K. Kras: Thank you so much for this, the artwork is a commission for the band by the incredible fantasy artist Michael Syrigos. Essentially, the redeemer is a virtual figure for us and appears with his hounds in this dystopian world we live in. Everyone takes it as they want.

André: When were the first songs for the album written?

D.K. Kras: We started working on the album in the first months of 2020. Due to the Covid quarantine, we took a long break and went into the studio at the beginning of 2021 to record the album. The album was completely finished last summer with mastering and mixing.

André: How does the songwriting work in your band?

D.K. Kras: I usually start writing the first riff, then I go into the studio with my idea and we work together. The drum arrangement and the basic lines are then up to the guys. The vocal lines and finally the solos come to complete the track.

André: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between The Redeemer and your debut Rise from Death – apart from the change at the microphone?

D.K. Kras: The Redeemer is the next big step for the band. The main difference is that Redeemer is a record that we were passionate about and more “professional” about, you know, all those analogue things and sounds, and it was something that we really enjoyed and had a great time doing.

André: Is there a track on The Redeemer that you particularly like?

D.K. Kras: All of them, but my favourite is “Bloodstone“.

André: On 19 May – the release date of The Redeemer – you will play at the Up the Hammers festival in Athens. I’m sure you’re looking forward to it!

D.K. Kras: Of course I will, but I won’t be a party animal on the first day because we’re playing the next day. Sure, I’ll be there on the second day because two of my absolute favourite bands from the US will be playing, Riot and Vicious Rumors.

André: Which five albums would you take with you to the famous desert island?

D.K. Kras: Savatage – Hall of the Mountain KingArmored Saint – Symbol of SalvationMetal Church – Blessing in DisguiseVicious Rumours – Vicious RumorsBlack Sabbath – Heaven and Hell. I hope there are many desert islands out there, because I have many albums that I would like to take with me.

André: Last question: Let’s say you had a bunch of money to spend on live shows – what would a Darklon gig look like? Dreaming is allowed!

D.K. Kras: It would be a dream, haha, but if I had to choose, it would definitely be a 3 or 4 week tour with some fresh bands. The rest of the money goes into merchandise and low ticket prices for everyone. Dreams never end. Thanks for the really nice interview, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

André: Thank you too. I wish you and your band mates all the best with your great new album. Indeed, I hope to see you again soon!

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