Interview: Necroknight

A band that, according to their own words, plays epic death metal is, of course, exactly right for this blog. If you think so too, you should read the following interview with Necroknight from Germany.

André: Hi, thanks for having time for our blog. How are you guys doing?

René: Hello Epic Metal Blog! We are doing well so far. We are happy to be able to answer your questions.

André: Necroknight is still a very young band that we have already introduced once. Nevertheless, it would be great if you could tell our readers something about your band history so far.

René: Necroknight was founded in 2021 during the corona phase. Jens (bass) and I (René guitar) wanted to use the empty weekends wisely and decided to follow the creative path of music. It helped us to use the time productively and we realised that we should form a full band. Our long-time friend Mirco (vocals) was asked in the classic way over a beer and was also taken with the idea of using the time to form a band. Our online EP Tribes Of The East was then released in June 2022 via the known online channels on our own. When our former drummer left the band in December 2022, we were able to strengthen ourselves with our current drummer Simon and our second guitarist Kilian. We all share a passion for handmade music, metal and fantasy.

André: How do you classify yourselves stylistically?

René: We describe ourselves as epic death metal.

André: Which bands have influenced you the most?

René: It’s bands we grew up with, of course. Iron Maiden, Manowar, Manilla Road, Brocas Helm, Obituary, Slayer to name a few.

André: How did the first concerts you played recently actually turn out?

René: We just played a gig in Münster and we are thrilled how many people came to our concert. The first live experiences with Necroknight are very positive. We are thrilled how well our songs work live and amazed when fans from far away don’t shy away to see this small underground band live.

André: How do your new songs differ from your previous material?

René: With the addition of more drums and a second guitar, the new songs offer more epic melodies, variety and power. Lyrically we are further in the fantasy area. The first attempts with our EP Tribes Of The East have motivated us to create something bigger. New songs that have already been well received live are for example “Awaken The Phoenix” or “Fallen Knight”.

André: When will your debut album be released? And are there already further live dates planned?

René: We don’t want to give an exact date. We are currently in the songwriting phase of the last songs and want to take as much time as we need. The next live date will be 09.09.2023 in our hometown Münster (Westphalia). We will play here at Café Sputnik.

André: We last saw each other at the Visigoth gig in Essen. I assume you were as enthusiastic as I was….

René: Definitely! Everything was perfect that night. Setlist, sound, location etc. And Jake’s voice was simply a force. This band shows how heavy metal works in 2023.

André: Have there been any albums released this year that have impressed you? My highlights include the new records by Smoulder, Gatekeeper and Night Demon.

René: Smoulder‘s Violent Creed of Vengeance is one of the best albums of 2023! Other albums worth listening to from the epic/heavy metal genre are Blood Star with First Sighting or Might & Power by Megaton Sword. In the heavier field, I would like to mention the black metal band Afsky with Om hundrede ar. In the death genre, the new Obituary always works.

André: Cliché question: Which five albums would you take with you to the infamous desert island?

René: With five albums, everyone would take one with them: Kilian: MetallicaRide The Lightning, Simon: The Black Dahlia MurderRitual, Mirco: SlayerSeasons In The Abyss, René: Manilla Road Crystal Logic, Jens: Blind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond.

André: Last question: Manowar or Manilla Road?

René: There are questions that keep you busy your whole life. In this sense Hail and Kill in Necropolis.

André: A nice closing word. René, I wish you and your band colleagues all the best – and I look forward to seeing you on stage soon.

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