Live report: Stormbringer II (Part II)

Today we continue our coverage of the Stormbringer Metal Festival. For this occasion we spoke to Sanhedrin guitarist Jeremy Sosville, who we had the chance to see with his band at Keep it True back in April.

André: Where are you from? And how long did you travel to get to the festival location? Was it your first time there?

Jeremy: We are from Brooklyn, New York. We actually played Stormbringer as part of our recent tour with Savage Master and Traveler and were traveling from NYC where we played Saint Vitus Bar the night before. 

André: Which bands were your highlights at this year’s Stormbringer?

Jeremy: We were only there for the Saturday show, but I can safely say that every band that played was superb. We were particularly excited to reunite with our friends in Visigoth and Sölicitör, who we had spent some time with a couple months ago in Germany. It’s always great to see your friends from the other side of the country whenever you can. 

André: How did you experience your own performance?

Jeremy: I must say it was one of the best US crowds we’ve ever experienced. It was a real pleasure to play for a room full of open-minded and enthusiastic fans who were just as excited to be there as we were. The room was HOT as hell too, so cheers to all who braved the heat to watch our set. 

André: What do you think of the location? Please also tell us something about the atmosphere.

Jeremy: Ralph’s has so much vibe. It’s a very unique place with a unique layout and I hope the festival continues to be held there. It’s an unpretentious rock ‘n’ roll spot and Worcester is lucky to have such a cool space. 

André: Which bands would you like to see next year?

Jeremy: Our friends in Blood Star would do great there, as would Lady Beast, Crossed Hearts and Fer de Lance

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