Interview: Tomb of Giants

Today we would like to introduce you to the German heavy metal band Tomb of Giants, who released their second album Legacy of the Sword in May. We talked to guitarist Oliver – enjoy reading and support the real underground!

Oliver: You’re always welcome! We are excited to be part of an interview on the Epic Metal Blog. We are doing well. It’s summer, and the sun is shining, which makes playing heavy metal even more enjoyable.

Oliver: Currently, the new album by GloryhammerReturn To The Kingdom Of Fife. I was quite curious about the new singer who, in my opinion, delivered a solid performance.

Oliver: The last album I bought was Pawer on! by Mighty Martens, a local band that rocked the stage live. I think the record was released back in 2022, but it’s still worth mentioning. I always say, “Support your local heroes.”

Oliver: Tomb of Giants represents traditional heavy metal. With our music, we aim to transport our listeners back to the golden era of the 80s. The influences are clear, but, importantly, we also strive to introduce new elements, as we don’t want to be just another cover band. We want to express our passion through our own music, and that passion lies in heavy metal. Powerful guitars, crushing bass and drum parts, along with the high-energy vocals. It’s just incredibly enjoyable to listen to and play this genre. Heavy metal is raw and honest. As for our band’s history, we formed in 2013. A little fun fact is that the band originated from a cover gig. It was initially supposed to be a one-time thing. However, the experience ignited a passion for live music within us, leading us to continue on this path and create our own original songs. Over the years, the band has undergone some changes, but three founding members have remained steadfast: me on guitar, Mirco on drums, and Daniel on bass. In the early stages, we witnessed a few alterations in the vocal and guitar departments. However, since 2016, we have enjoyed a stable lineup, with Sergio taking charge of the vocals. Then, in 2019, we further enhanced our sound by welcoming Yannik as our second guitarist.

Oliver: The feedback has been very positive so far. From personal conversations, comments on YouTube, to the reviews on blogs and online magazines, our EP has been praised, which makes us incredibly proud. We invested a lot of time and effort into the songs and production, so receiving such fantastic feedback is simply overwhelming.

Oliver: The most noticeable difference lies in the production. The songs sound really powerful, and the individual instruments are better harmonized compared to our debut album. While we once again recorded the songs using our own resources independently, Daniel has learned a lot since the first CD, which has improved both the recording process and the technical execution. Additionally, we decided to outsource the mixing and mastering this time and sought the expertise of Jörg Uken from soundlodge (ANVIL, Savage Blood, Corvus Corax). Furthermore, we have evolved in terms of songwriting. The tracks are slightly faster and more refined. You can still recognize our signature style without each song sounding the same.

Oliver: In our band, I’ve been responsible for writing the songs and lyrics so far. Usually, it starts with a riff or a lead part that spontaneously comes to mind while practicing. From there, an instrumental song gradually takes shape. Sometimes, I already have ideas for the chorus or parts of it in my head, and I expand on them. The process can vary in time, as I rarely write a song in one sitting. Often, additional ideas or improvements come with time. Once I feel the song is complete, I present it to the others during a rehearsal. Then, we begin the collaborative fine-tuning process, adjusting the individual instruments to complement each other. The lyrics for the songs often evolve throughout the entire process. Each song has its own story for me, hinted at by the instrumental part. I try to express that story with words.

Oliver: As mentioned, I try to capture the “story” or the mood that a song evokes in me with words. These can be tales of glorious battles between good and evil, as is the case with “Berserk.” In general, I enjoy exploring themes from the fantasy genre. This is probably because I am a big Tolkien fan and love immersing myself in other worlds through activities like pen and paper role-playing games. I also draw inspiration from other media, such as video games. For instance, the song “Ad Victoriam” is a tribute to the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout. So, I don’t have just one specific concept in mind. I prefer not to limit myself creatively, as the story must fit the song, and the song must fit the story, or the theme being explored. It’s all about intuition. Heavy metal thrives on its intensity, melody, and the mood it conveys. My goal is to break free from the everyday and plunge listeners into different worlds, whether they are good or evil. That’s what I aim to achieve with my songs, to transport the audience into these realms.

Oliver: For me, the term “epic” in music means that I can completely immerse myself in the song with a smile on my face. It allows me to delve into the story conveyed through the lyrics and melodies, truly feeling the music. I believe this is achieved by tracks that go beyond just three minutes, as it gives the music and the interplay of individual instruments and vocals a chance to build up. It’s about songs with a consciously chosen theme, whether it’s a classic fantasy epic or a worldly topic like climate change; that is secondary. I think of songs like “When the Wild Wind Blows” by Iron Maiden. A song that grows within itself until it reaches its climax, leaving me with the feeling of “Wow, that was incredibly awesome” at the end – that’s what I would define as epic.

Oliver: Absolutely! We do have live performances lined up for the next few months. Unfortunately, we experienced a little dry spell regarding live shows in recent weeks. However, we are thrilled to announce that on August 19th, we’ll be supporting our friends from Sick Desire at their release party in Osnabrück’s Westwerk, where we’ll give it our all. Furthermore, we’ll be performing on September 9th at the Bochum-Mitte-Rock Festival in Bochum, and again on December 16th in Paderborn. For all the details about our live shows, you can also check our social media channels. Mark these dates in your calendars, and we can’t wait to rock the stage!

Oliver: Back to the 80s! As a child of the 90s, I would love to attend all the concerts of today’s legends during that era. It must have been absolutely epic.

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