Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part I)

As already announced on our social media channels, we will be accompanying the young heavy metal band Biwo on their way to the Turock Fest in Bochum (27/28.10.2023) over the next three months. The Epic Metal Blog will be going down to the grassroots to show you how four guys are preparing for their first big gig. At the same time, you will learn a lot about the challenges a newcomer band has to face nowadays. So this series is interesting for everyone who wants to experience the underground at first hand.

On Saturday 29 July, I was a guest in Biwo‘s rehearsal room to watch the 2nd Biwo gig in front of an audience. Fortunately, so many people came that the room was full and a real concert atmosphere could be created. Sven (vocals, lead guitar), Finley (guitar), Hanno (drums) and Justus (bass) had thought of everything: Besides a merch stand, there were cold drinks and food for everyone – at this point I’d like to mention Felix, who actively supports Biwo here, that’s the only way it works in the underground.

The gig was a lot of fun: the sound was fine – and the songs from the debut Life and Death (2022) sound even better live with the current line-up. That Sven as singer and lead guitarist is the centre of attention is obvious. However, Hanno should also be highlighted, who already delivers a remarkable performance on the drums at a young age. At the Turock Fest, too, he is likely to attract the attention of the audience. But also Finley and Justus, who not only played their instruments but also contributed backing vocals, did a good job, so that I can only say at this point: Anyone who wants to book a band from the classic metal genre for a festival or as a support act should get in touch with Biwo.

While sitting together after the gig, it became clear how much time and energy Biwo put into their hobby. This is undoubtedly a very solid basis for a band to gradually establish itself in the underground. Of course, talent alone is not enough – you must also have ideas and roll up your sleeves. But in the Ruhr area we can do that very well!

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