Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part V)

„Wir sind Biwo und wir spielen Heavy Metal!” (“We are Biwo and we play heavy metal!”)

With these words, began Biwo‘s highly enjoyable rehearsal gig on 29 July 2023.

Fortunately, for all those who didn’t have the opportunity to see the four guys that evening in Castrop-Rauxel, there is now a brand-new single that captures the intimate live atmosphere superbly (Artwork: Dustin Dörper).

“Live Now“ is not only the first track on the debut album Life and Death, but also serves as an opener for the sweaty live shows of Sven, Finley, Hanno and Justus. The song, as you can hear, goes well forward and gets the audience in the mood right away. Honest metal without frills – you can say it’s a fitting calling card for the Ruhr area.

If you want to see Biwo live, you’ll have the opportunity at the Turock Fest at the end of October – you shouldn’t miss that.

“Live Now” on Bandcamp, Tidal and on Spotify.

Pic: Jochen Riese
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