Olymp – Olymp

The times when you rummaged in the record shop and bought albums just because of their cover artwork are largely over. This is unfortunate for the heavy/speed metal outfit Olymp, because I’m sure their recently released, self-titled debut full-length would have persuaded a lot of people from a visual point of view. What appeals to […]

Sulphur Aeon – Seven Crowns and Seven Seals

If you ask me about the five best German metal bands at the moment, I definitely come up with Sulphur Aeon. With their first three albums – and mighty live performances – the guys from North Rhine-Westphalia have already earned themselves a cult status in the underground. Against this background, it is evident that not […]

Somewhere in Nowhere – Rise of the Lost Souls

Many of our readers might not have heard of Somewhere in Nowhere yet – since the outfit from Werne (North Rhine-Westphalia) plays high-quality, varied metal, they are therefore just the right band for this category. On 25 August 2023, the new output Rise of the Lost Souls was released. It is a compilation that among […]

Glyph – Honour, Power, Glory

There are some golden rules in the underground. Today we’re going to look at the following one: “As soon as Jeff Black gets involved, it becomes magnificent.“ The new formation Glyph proves this once again impressively. Stylistically, the band moves in the genres of power metal, melodic metal and symphonic metal. Well, there may be […]

Don’t Drop The Sword – Demon Divine

Even though superlatives are usually embarrassing, they are quite appropriate in the case of the new release by our friends from Don’t Drop The Sword. “Demon Divine“ captivates with a cover that is seemingly made for the Epic Metal Blog: epic, dreamy and somewhat naive in a positive sense. When you see this artwork alone, […]

Bronze – Realm of the Damned

Preface: Due to the already mentioned ongoing problems with Facebook, there are a few changes concerning the Epic Metal Blog. Since we will be limiting ourselves to Instagram from now on, there will be more time for other activities. One result of this recent development is the new category Have a listen, in which we […]

Interview: Vultures Vengeance

It’s remarkable that in almost three years we haven’t yet published an interview with the magnificent Italian heavy metal band Vultures Vengeance. Thanks to Anna and Igor, who talked to the guys on the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos Festival, this is finally changing. Have fun reading! (Pic: Igor) Anna: Welcome, we’re really happy […]