Don’t Drop The Sword – Demon Divine

Even though superlatives are usually embarrassing, they are quite appropriate in the case of the new release by our friends from Don’t Drop The Sword.

“Demon Divine“ captivates with a cover that is seemingly made for the Epic Metal Blog: epic, dreamy and somewhat naive in a positive sense. When you see this artwork alone, you can already guess where the musical journey is heading.

Right at the beginning, the guys from the deep south of Bavaria raise the epic level with beautiful acoustic guitars played by Max and Korbi. In this way, they skilfully transport the listeners to distant worlds and let them completely forget their everyday strife. This is reinforced by the spoken word passage for which Konstantin Angelov is responsible. A radio play could not have a better opening.

But it gets metal quite quickly when Dom lets his drums speak for the first time. After all, we are dealing with the world’s best “Epic Speed Metal Band”. The choirs that start now instantly remind us of good Manowar days (Bassist Mathias skilfully adopts a Joey De Maio pose in the video, appropriately enough) – and show that Don’t Drop The Sword have probably never been so epic in their career as in “Demon Divine“.

Anti’s vocals at the latest make every fan of the band feel right at home. This distinctive voice, these creative vocal lines and the as always catchy chorus are typical Don’t Drop The Sword in every respect. The same goes for the singing electric guitars, which are meanwhile on an extremely high level that is not often offered in our scene. You can hear the fans singing along enthusiastically to the riffs and leads.

In short: The new Don’t Drop The Sword album Age of Heroes promises to be a huge highlight – and hopefully it will finally help the guys to make their big breakthrough in the underground. Any festival that doesn’t invite this hard-working, talented and extremely likeable quintet is making a major mistake.

Don’t Drop The Sword on Bandcamp: Click here.

Video: Click here.

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