Glyph – Honour, Power, Glory

There are some golden rules in the underground. Today we’re going to look at the following one: “As soon as Jeff Black gets involved, it becomes magnificent.“ The new formation Glyph proves this once again impressively.

Stylistically, the band moves in the genres of power metal, melodic metal and symphonic metal. Well, there may be some readers who wonder whether this mixture is compatible with the Epic Metal Blog.

The answer is quite clear: Yes, of course! The first musical sign of life, “Honour, Power, Glory“, is enormously catchy, but not at all cheesy. Moreover, we are dealing with a superb song that is extremely fun and gives a lot of energy. It is very difficult to sit still while listening to it.

The excellent vocals by R. A. Voltaire, which are as powerful as they are varied, are worthy of mention. There are internationally extremely successful power metal bands that should be green with envy here.

Besides the aforementioned Voltaire and Black (keys & drum programming), Glyph also features Rob Steinway (rhythm guitar), Jeff Potts (lead guitar) and Darin Wall (bass, also active with Greyhawk). Like Bronze, a bit of an underground supergroup, which – like Mina and Ced’s outfit – already puts a big exclamation mark on their first track. A listen is a must. “Black rules!“ – but we already knew that…

Glyph on Bandcamp: Click here.

Video: Click here.

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