Somewhere in Nowhere – Rise of the Lost Souls

Many of our readers might not have heard of Somewhere in Nowhere yet – since the outfit from Werne (North Rhine-Westphalia) plays high-quality, varied metal, they are therefore just the right band for this category.

On 25 August 2023, the new output Rise of the Lost Souls was released. It is a compilation that among others contains tracks from the demo Beyond All Visions (2001) and the full-length Back From Nowhere, Into Eternity (2013).

The 55 minutes that Somewhere in Nowhere offer the listener pass very quickly. The songwriting is varied and is far from standard fare. Each tune has its own character – great melodies, many catchy choruses and enough epicness for this blog (just listen to “Demon Witch“). Some progressive and even thrashy elements show that the band can’t easily be categorised stylistically. Also worth mentioning are the great vocals, which have a high recognition value and raise Rise of the Lost Souls to an even higher level.

In short, Somewhere in Nowhere are an underground act that definitely makes you wonder why they haven’t reached a wider audience in the course of their career. It certainly hasn’t been due to the musical abilities of the band members. It is therefore to be hoped that the five Germans will get numerous performance opportunities from now on to prove their class.

Somewhere in Nowhere on Bandcamp: Click here.

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