Don’t Drop The Sword (feat. Liv Kristine) – A Murder of Ravens

After the track “Demon Divine“, which has already been presented here on this blog, Don’t Drop The Sword offer their fans “A Murder of Ravens“, the second release from their upcoming studio album. Once again, there is a magnificent artwork to marvel at, and there is also a surprise in musical terms.

First and foremost, the cooperation with Norwegian singer Liv Kristine, who most of you probably know from the symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes, is worth mentioning. One may assume that this coup will bring the band more attention from listeners who didn’t know them before.

I particularly like the dreamy acoustic guitars right at the beginning, which introduce the track atmospherically. You imagine yourself at a campfire and look forward to the stories that lie ahead. Introduced by a Manowar-like choir, the electric guitars kick in after just under a minute, which – as I recently wrote – are a constant highlight when listening to this band.

As is to be expected with Don’t Drop The Sword, the sing-along potential of the chorus is enormously high – in this respect, the five Bavarians are unquestionably among the best you can get in Germany. “A Murder of Ravens“ is refined by Liv Kristine’s contribution. Her ethereal, fairy-like voice harmonises superbly with Anti’s vocals. The quintet has therefore proven a very good hand in the selection of their guest musician. Not everyone can claim that…

In short: Don’t Drop The Sword show a very soulful side with their new song, without becoming kitschy. If you like melodic, varied and excellently played metal, you’ve come to the right place. May the new album be released quickly!

Don’t Drop The Sword on Bandcamp: Click here.

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