Tower Hill – Deathstalker

We don’t need to introduce Tower Hill to attentive readers of this blog, since we have already spoken at length with the very likeable band leader R.F. Traynor in the recent past. So to keep things brief: the band hails from Edmonton, is fairly new, formed in 2020 and is now presenting its first full-length, Deathstalker.

Stylistically, we’re dealing with classic heavy and traditional European-style power metal. The Canadians take us back to the 80s and early 90s, when bands like Blind Guardian, Helloween and Running Wild were at their best. Anyone who is even remotely fond of these genre giants should definitely give Deathstalker a listen.

Tower Hill prove in just under 45 minutes that they know exactly how melodic, fast metal with an appropriate degree of heaviness should sound. As all the instruments are clearly audible in the mix, it can be said that the guys all do a damn good job: as is so often the case, my attention goes first and foremost to the guitar work, which is at a very high level on this release and is quite simply a lot of fun. Who doesn’t need that in these dreary times! Not to be overlooked are the driving drums, which play a prominent role on the album and repeatedly attract the listener’s attention. In terms of songwriting, joy of playing and sound, even Rock’n’Rolf will be envious if he listens carefully.

In short: Tower Hill offer energetic, life-affirming metal for people who want to switch off with a cold beer in their hand and forget their everyday worries for a while. I’m sure that these songs are particularly well-suited to warming up a crowd live – and possibly getting them up to the right temperature for a band like Riot City. By the way, that would be an excellent package from the true north!

Tower Hill on Bandcamp: Click here.

Our interview with Tower Hill: Click here.

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