Legendry – Time Immortal Wept

Today we are once again focussing on a band that has been accompanying us since this blog was founded three years ago: Legendry from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, there is new music from the guys around band leader Vidarr: Time Immortal Wept is already the fourth full-length from the outfit, which was founded in 2015.

Also in 2023, Legendry impressively show the epic metal community one thing above all: they are the true heirs of Manilla Road. No other young band is currently making music that is so quirky and self-confidently different in every respect. Time Immortal Wept is as sublime as it is fierce and unpredictable. But what is infinitely more important: the songs have so much soul that it warms your epic metal heart.

Legendry have always had the ability to write wonderful, often melancholic melodies, which ensure that their sometimes not so easily accessible, multi-faceted compositions remain in the ear after just a few listens. It is the soundtrack for an exciting fantasy journey, where you are spoilt with Quorthon riffs and Mark Shelton leads. However, we’re not dealing with a consistently dreamy affair here, as the accelerator pedal is sometimes pressed down hard. In any case, we encounter an atmosphere that is characterised by black metal-like beauty in many passages.

In short: Legendry remain the best weirdo band of their generation. And they don’t sound like a clone, but consistently like themselves. You can recognise Legendry after just a few notes – in this respect they always remind me of Morgul Blade, who pay homage to the most wonderful metal genre at an equally high level.

Legendry on Bandcamp: Click here.

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