Interview: Meurtrières

A great band like Meurtrières might as well be interviewed twice – especially when a new album is coming soon. On the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos festival, Anna and Igor talked to the French band. Have fun reading! Français ci-dessous Anna: Welcome and thank you very much for participating in this interview! To start […]

Interview: Atlantean Kodex

The Epic Metal Blog has been around for almost three years now – and we still haven’t published an interview with the best epic metal band of today: Atlantean Kodex. Thanks to our writers Anna and Igor (Dreamslain), that’s changing now: the two of them spoke to Manuel Trummer. As expected, the result is a […]

Interview: Smoulder

On the occasion of the Courts of Chaos in Plozévet (Brittany), Anna and Igor had the opportunity to talk at length with Sarah and Shon about their band Smoulder and many other topics. We hope you enjoy reading! Igor: Thank you for doing this interview! You have a new album out and it seems that […]

Interview: Moundrag

On the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos Festival, our author Anna had a chat with Moundrag – a duo she and Igor, who took the photos, were particularly excited about. Have fun reading! Français ci-dessous Anna: Welcome to Moundrag, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ll get right to the questions, what is the history of […]

Live report: Courts of Chaos Festival

German version below; Français ci-dessous Text: Anna Loppacher, Pics: Igor Jakobsen Due to a stubborn flu (or maybe it was Covid?), this live report is coming later than planned, but when a little time has passed, it can be all the nicer to reminisce. Igor and I were able to attend this year’s Courts of Chaos in Plozévet (Brittany) […]

Live Report: KIT Rising II

English version below Text: Anna Loppacher; Pics: Igor Jakobsen Für Igor und mich war das KIT Rising II das erste post-Corona-Festival. Es war toll, endlich wieder mal an einem Festival zu sein. Der Freitag startete nach einem langen Vormittag und einer reibungslosen Zugreise, auf der wir einen KIT-Gänger trafen, der sogar aus Brasilien angereist war […]

Review: Theandric – Flight Among the Tombs

Release: 11/02/2022 English version below Frontmann Paul Tiseo gründete Theandric als Solo-Projekt, und gab 2011 die EP Up the Irons (An Epic Hymn to Iron Maiden) heraus. Inzwischen ist das Projekt zu einer Band bestehend aus Tiseo (Gesang, Bass, Tasteninstrumente, Gitarre), Bill Bogue (Gitarre), Aaron Wienczak (Gitarre) und Matt Voss (Schlagzeug) gewachsen. Dieses Jahr haben sie […]

Review: Sweeping Death – Tristesse

Release: 09/09/2021 Nach einer EP und einem Album stellen uns die Prog-Metaller Sweeping Death nun mit Tristesse eine weitere EP vor. Das Konzept ist tief durchdacht, mit Referenzen zu Teilen von Arthur Schopenhauers Philosophie – so die Liedtitel “The World as Will” und “Sublime Me”. Auch der Albumtitel ist Schopenhauer nicht fremd, Wortspiel inbegriffen. Da […]

Metal and Whiteness

“Apolitical” Metal? Whiteness in the Metal Community From time to time, a debate about the political position of metal resurges, and in that context, usually at some point the argument appears that metal is, or should be apolitical. I want to share some reflections about this debate. Someone once told me that when looking at […]