is LOVE alive? – Welcome Home

We’ve already mentioned the German doom metal band is LOVE alive? a few times on our blog – Ben, guitarist and songwriter of the outstanding Wheel, once talked enthusiastically about his compatriots in an interview with us. With Welcome Home… is LOVE alive? present their third full-length. It’s worth emphasising that there have been some […]

Chapel of Disease – A Death Though No Loss

It’s no exaggeration to claim that Chapel of Disease have already achieved cult status in the underground. With their latest, genre-shattering longplayer …and as We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye (2018) the Germans recorded one of the best metal albums of the 2010s – and quite rightly received a whole host […]

Blood Python – Thunder City

There are records where you know after just one listen that this is going to be a long-term love affair. This recently happened to me with Blood Python‘s second album Thunder City. Behind Blood Python lurks Norwegian artist Martin Horn Sørlie, who, like Chris Black from High Spirits, is responsible for (almost) everything: vocals, instruments, […]

Receiver – Whispers of Lore

When a band from Cyprus releases an epic/heavy metal album, you can be sure that you’ll read something about it on the Epic Metal Blog. That’s why it’s curtains up for Receiver and their debut Whispers of Lore. One of the most striking features are the magnificent, powerful vocals of Nikoletta Kyprianou, who ennobles her […]

Don’t Drop The Sword – Age of Heroes

As already announced in our exclusive album stream, a review of the new Don’t Drop The Sword record Age of Heroes now follows. It must be emphasised that the five guys from Erding are among the most exciting, talented and hard-working bands in the German underground. From personal experience, I would like to add that […]

Legendry – Time Immortal Wept

Today we are once again focussing on a band that has been accompanying us since this blog was founded three years ago: Legendry from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, there is new music from the guys around band leader Vidarr: Time Immortal Wept is already the fourth full-length from the outfit, which was founded in 2015. Also […]

Tower Hill – Deathstalker

We don’t need to introduce Tower Hill to attentive readers of this blog, since we have already spoken at length with the very likeable band leader R.F. Traynor in the recent past. So to keep things brief: the band hails from Edmonton, is fairly new, formed in 2020 and is now presenting its first full-length, […]

Old Ruins – Always Heading East

When a metal fan thinks of the Ruhr region, Kreator and Sodom immediately spring to mind. Fortunately, in addition to these old flagships, there are also numerous young bands today that show that heavy electric guitar music continues to play an important role in this region. One of these newer acts is Old Ruins from […]

Olymp – Olymp

The times when you rummaged in the record shop and bought albums just because of their cover artwork are largely over. This is unfortunate for the heavy/speed metal outfit Olymp, because I’m sure their recently released, self-titled debut full-length would have persuaded a lot of people from a visual point of view. What appeals to […]