Interview: Blood Python

Recently you could already read here that Blood Python‘s second album Thunder City should definitely be on your Christmas wish list (digital only). Today we bring you an interview with the man who launched the Norwegian one-man project: Martin Horn Sørlie. André: Hei, Martin, hvordan går det med deg? Martin: Hei. I’m good, just a […]

Interview: Somewhere in Nowhere

A month ago, we featured Somewhere in Nowhere with their great album Rise of the Lost Souls in our new “Have a listen” category. Today we’re focusing again on this German underground gem. We had a chat with drummer Daniel. Have fun reading! André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How […]

Interview: Vultures Vengeance

It’s remarkable that in almost three years we haven’t yet published an interview with the magnificent Italian heavy metal band Vultures Vengeance. Thanks to Anna and Igor, who talked to the guys on the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos Festival, this is finally changing. Have fun reading! (Pic: Igor) Anna: Welcome, we’re really happy […]

Interview: Seven Sisters

You should have noticed by now that Seven Sisters are one of our favourite bands on the Epic Metal Blog. Therefore, it’s high time to do another interview with Kyle – on the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos Festival, the singer and guitarist, who meanwhile lives in Spain, talked in detail with Igor (Dreamslain) […]

Interview: Meurtrières

A great band like Meurtrières might as well be interviewed twice – especially when a new album is coming soon. On the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos festival, Anna and Igor talked to the French band. Have fun reading! Français ci-dessous Anna: Welcome and thank you very much for participating in this interview! To start […]

Interview: Lords of Triumph

Of course, we are glad about every interview that we are allowed to present to you on this blog. However, sometimes it happens that we can provide you with something very special as reading material. That’s the case again today: Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath, whom you might also know from Altar of Oblivion, talked to […]

Interview: Kerrigan

If you like fresh classic metal, you can’t miss Kerrigan this year. Of course, we talked to the guys about their full-length debut Bloodmoon and all kinds of other topics. André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How are you? Jonas: Hey! Thank you, we’re fine and excited for our upcoming […]

Interview: Atlantean Kodex

The Epic Metal Blog has been around for almost three years now – and we still haven’t published an interview with the best epic metal band of today: Atlantean Kodex. Thanks to our writers Anna and Igor (Dreamslain), that’s changing now: the two of them spoke to Manuel Trummer. As expected, the result is a […]

Interview: Meurtrières

If you like classic metal in French, you can look forward to the debut album by Meurtrières. The band from Lyon serves up a real treat with Ronde de Nuit (“night patrol“). Against this background, we talked to guitarist Olivier Voyou. André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How are you? […]

Interview: Protean Shield

Epic heavy metal fans are always spoiled by No Remorse Records. Regarding Protean Shield, this is no different: With their self-titled debut album, the Greeks have recorded a sophisticated, varied and captivating album that every fan of the genre must buy. But before that, please read this interview with the newcomers from Hellas. André: Thank […]