Interview: Mountain Throne

Today we are happy to present you an interview with the German metal band Mountain Throne. We hope you enjoy reading it! André: Hi, thanks for spending time on our blog. How are you? Andreas: Hi, thank you for your interest in our band! At least I know your blog and have looked at it […]

Interview: Sacred Outcry

On the occasion of today’s release of their amazing second album Towers of Gold, we present you an interview with Sacred Outcry songwriter and bassist George Apalodimas. Enjoy reading it. André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How are you? George: Hello André and thank you for the invitation! I’m great, […]

Interview: Nova Skellis

If you like classic heavy metal and US power metal with outstanding vocals, you should not miss Nova Skellis this year. To introduce you to the band and their debut Life Amongst the Damned, I talked to singer/bassist “Falcon” Eddie Green, who some readers might know from Phantom. André: Thank you very much for taking […]

Interview: Heathen Kings

There aren’t many bands that have been featured on our blog as often as the Heathen Kings – their first three singles have been reviewed separately. With their debut album Fealty to None finally out in just over 2 weeks, we spoke to Joel Kurta (drums, songwriting) to heighten your anticipation for this year’s highlight […]

Interview: Midnight Force

On Friday, 12 May 2023, everyone who can make it in terms of time and organisation should drop by the Helvete in Oberhausen. Find out why in the following interview with Ansgar, guitarist of Midnight Force and head of From Beyond Events. André: Hi Ansgar, next Friday there will be a fantastic concert evening at […]

Interview: Darklon

We are very happy to present you another interview with our Greek friends Darklon. We talked to guitarist D.K. Kras about their new album The Redeemer, with which the guys will surely win many new fans. André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How are you? D.K. Kras: I am fine, […]

Interview: Little Hole Filled

I am always happy to present interviews with the Austrian doom band Little Hole Filled on this blog. Today, singer/guitarist Philipp Diesenreiter focuses on political issues, as the quartet was recently featured on the awesome platform Antifascist Steel. Have fun reading! André: Hi, Philipp, I’m glad you have time for us. How are you?  Philipp: […]

Interview: Century

There are only a few young bands who can gain as many followers with their demo as the Swedes Century have managed to do. Two days before the release of their debut album The Conquest of Time, we present you an interview with Staffan Tengnér, who is responsible for vocals, guitar and bass in the studio. Have fun […]

Interview: Smoulder

2023 is already an outstandingly great epic metal year: Gatekeeper, Megaton Sword, Triumpher and many others have already delivered awesome albums. On 21 April Smoulder follow up with their second full-length Violent Creed Of Vengeance, which will be released by Cruz del Sur. On this occasion we talked to all band members about this release, […]

Interview: Dolmen Gate

Anyone who is even remotely enthusiastic about epic metal will fall in love with the Portuguese newcomer Dolmen Gate and their demo Finis Imperii. So of course we would like to introduce you to this band: We spoke to Nuno, whom you all know from Ravensire. Furthermore, there was an interesting historical digression by Alex. […]