Interview: On Atlas‘ Shoulders

Today, we present to you a very interesting interview with Marius Bönisch (vocals), Ben Chadwick (guitar) and Björn Anders (guitar) from German (epic) heavy/power metal band On Atlas’ Shoulders. Enjoy reading! Hi, how are you doing? Ben: First of all thanks for having us! Thankfully we can’t complain, despite the pandemic. Marius: We just came back […]

Interview: Chris Andreadakis (Hercules)

Today, we present to you an interview with Greek true metal warrior Chris Andreadakis from Hercules. Enjoy reading! Hi Chris, how are you doing? Chris Andreadakis: Great, thank you! There are, for sure, some readers who don’t know Hercules yet. Tell us a bit about the history your project, please.  I have been playing heavy metal for […]

Interview: Numenor

Almost three weeks ago, Serbian epic power/black metal band Numenor from Serbia released its latest full-length Draconian Age, including a track featuring Blind Guardian’s Hansi Kürsch. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to chat with Numenor vocalist Despot Marko Miranović – a really nice guy and extremely passionate musician. Enjoy reading! Hi Marko, how are you […]

Interview: Northern Redemption

Today, we’d like to draw your attention on a new Swedish heavy metal band: Northern Redemption, founded by our interviewee Thomas Furustig. If you go for classic stuff, you should check this quintet out. Hi Thomas, there are, for sure, many readers who don’t know Northern Redemption yet. Tell us a bit about your new […]

Interview: 21deDiciembre

Today, we want to present to you an interview with Spanish funeral (drone) doom/dark ambient project 21deDiciembre. Enjoy reading! Hi, thanks a lot for your time. How are you doing? Not bad, could always be better, but so far I’m keeping well, with the current situation I consider myself lucky. I think there are still […]

Interview: Dun Ringill

A few months ago, my colleague Aidan – co-founder of our blog – reviewed Library of Death, the second full-length of Swedish doom metal band Dun Ringill. Because of his positive rating, especially regarding the epic songs with some folkish elements, I was convinced that we definitely should interview this outfit from Gothenburg. Fortunately, bass […]

Interview: Gladius Dei

Wie ihr wisst, möchten wir euch auf unserem kleinen Blog immer ganz besondere Perlen aus dem Underground präsentieren. Dies ist heute zweifellos der Fall: Chris Blackwood vom ungemein spannenden Einmann-Projekt Gladius Dei, der kürzlich sein Debüt Long Gone Ghosts herausgegeben hat, stand uns sehr umfassend Rede und Antwort. Viel Spaß beim Lesen. Hi Chris, danke […]

Interview: Jutta Weinhold (Velvet Viper)

Today we present to you a very special interview. It’s the first one Ansgar Burke (Midnight Force) held for Epic Metal Blog (he also translated it into English). Thanks to him we had the opportunity to talk to legendary vocalist Jutta Weinhold, German «Queen of Dramatic Metal» (Velvet Viper, ex-Zed Yago). Enjoy reading! (Blaze Breeg) […]