Interview: Kevin Portz (Gravety)

English version below Am Samstag steht im Helvete ein ganz besonderer Konzertabend auf dem Programm: Mit Riot City, Seven Sisters und Gravety beehren gleich drei herausragende, junge Bands den Pott. Daher haben wir es uns natürlich nicht nehmen lassen, unseren guten Kumpel Kevin, Sänger bei Gravety, vor diesem großen, epischen Ereignis, ausgerichtet von From Beyond […]

Interview: Vanaheim

I have already expressed in my 100% review that Vanaheim have released a fantastic album with Een Verloren Verhaal, which for me is clearly in the lead so far this year with Fer de Lance’s The Hyperborean. Against this background, I am extremely pleased that the band from the Netherlands has agreed to answer all […]

Interview: Theandric

Fortunately, you can always discover wonderful gems in the underground. One of them is Theandric’s EP Flight Among the Tombs, which already enchanted me during the first listen. Against this background, it is not surprising that we asked the band’s founder, Paul Tiseo, if he would like to answer a few questions for us. Luckily, […]

Interview: Angel Martyr

This interview is to be considered as part of our recent Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, honouring our co-editor-in-chief Aidan on the occasion of his 19th birthday. Unfortunately, however, we had to postpone our talk with Angel Martyr because one of the band members was confronted with private matters that are much more important. We […]

Interview: Ryghär

You didn’t seriously think there would be an Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special for Aidan without Ryghär? If you did, you don’t know our blog that well… There is hardly any other band that my friend and colleague has been so intensively dealing with since the beginning of his blogging career. So it’s only fitting […]

Interview: Morgul Blade

It’s only appropriate to conclude our Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special with a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is the home of the band whose debut album Aidan chose as his album of the year in 2021: Morgul Blade! As he did shortly after the founding of this blog, Klauf (vocals, guitars, synth) answered our […]

Interview: Starscape

In this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special we enter Sweden. Last year, Starscape’s debut Colony was one of Aidan’s favourite records, which kept him excited all year long. I am therefore very happy that Anton Eriksson (all instruments) took the time to chat with us about his band and all sorts of […]

Interview: Heathen Kings

With this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, we enter Albion, the island where Aidan spent the first years of his life. There is hardly a band from there that has made such an impact on us in the past year as the Heathen Kings – both Aidan and I wrote very positive […]

Interview: is LOVE alive?

English version below Dieses Interview habt ihr nicht zuletzt Ben von Wheel zu verdanken. Als Aidan und ich letztes Jahr mit ihm zoomten, empfahl er uns unter anderem is LOVE alive? – Ein guter Tipp, denn die Doom-Formation aus dem Ruhrgebiet hat bereits einige Underground-Perlen veröffentlicht. In der Hoffnung, dass sich auch viele unserer Leser […]