Interview: Anoushbard

On our social media channels we had already announced that we are very happy to be able to present you an interview with a metal band from Iran for the first time: Anoushbard. We talked to Sherwin (guitar, vocals) about their amazing latest album Abandoned Treasure, which deserves to be high up on many annual […]

Interview: The Sigil

There are releases where you know after just a few seconds that you will fall madly in love with this music. In 2022, that’s what happened to me with Gott – To Hell To Zion. A few weeks ago, this indescribably beautiful feeling was repeated – again with an EP: The Sigil – Argante. On […]

Interview: The Book

The Epic Metal Blog has been around since 2020 – and today we are celebrating a premiere: For the first time, we are presenting an interview with a band from the Czech Republic. We talked to Sarapis (drums) and Torham (guitars) about their “dark heavy metal“ band The Book, which attracted attention last year with […]

Interview: Moundrag

On the sidelines of the Courts of Chaos Festival, our author Anna had a chat with Moundrag – a duo she and Igor, who took the photos, were particularly excited about. Have fun reading! Français ci-dessous Anna: Welcome to Moundrag, it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’ll get right to the questions, what is the history of […]

Interview: Necroknight

A band that, according to their own words, plays epic death metal is, of course, exactly right for this blog. If you think so too, you should read the following interview with Necroknight from Germany. André: Hi, thanks for having time for our blog. How are you guys doing? René: Hello Epic Metal Blog! We […]

Interview: Mountain Throne

Today we are happy to present you an interview with the German metal band Mountain Throne. We hope you enjoy reading it! André: Hi, thanks for spending time on our blog. How are you? Andreas: Hi, thank you for your interest in our band! At least I know your blog and have looked at it […]

Interview: Sacred Outcry

On the occasion of today’s release of their amazing second album Towers of Gold, we present you an interview with Sacred Outcry songwriter and bassist George Apalodimas. Enjoy reading it. André: Thank you very much for taking the time for us. How are you? George: Hello André and thank you for the invitation! I’m great, […]

Interview: Nova Skellis

If you like classic heavy metal and US power metal with outstanding vocals, you should not miss Nova Skellis this year. To introduce you to the band and their debut Life Amongst the Damned, I talked to singer/bassist “Falcon” Eddie Green, who some readers might know from Phantom. André: Thank you very much for taking […]

Interview: Heathen Kings

There aren’t many bands that have been featured on our blog as often as the Heathen Kings – their first three singles have been reviewed separately. With their debut album Fealty to None finally out in just over 2 weeks, we spoke to Joel Kurta (drums, songwriting) to heighten your anticipation for this year’s highlight […]