Sausagefest Rising

written by Igor Jakobsen I went recently to a great festival with a line-up I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, during the second day I noticed that there were only men on stage, no matter what band played. This is not how I had hoped to find the metal scene in 2022! The festival was Keep It True […]

Live Report: KIT Rising II

English version below Text: Anna Loppacher; Pics: Igor Jakobsen Für Igor und mich war das KIT Rising II das erste post-Corona-Festival. Es war toll, endlich wieder mal an einem Festival zu sein. Der Freitag startete nach einem langen Vormittag und einer reibungslosen Zugreise, auf der wir einen KIT-Gänger trafen, der sogar aus Brasilien angereist war […]

Live Report: Wolfszeit Festival 2022

Texts: André & Aidan, Pics & Video: Aidan André Saturday, 13 August 2022 – Aidan and I are sitting together on a hot summer evening and creating one of our excellent playlists for you, which you constantly listen to. Suddenly, my dear colleague comes up with the great idea of going to the Wolfszeit Festival […]

Live Report: Blaze Bayley + Absolva (Dortmund)

Text: André, Pics & Videos: Aidan, Sven Biwo and a nice lady Blaze Bayley concerts are something very special: Even today, I am still thinking back with a big satisfied grin on my face to a remarkably intense gig at the Bastard Club in Osnabrück, when the maestro and the Absolva boys treated their fans […]

Live report: MANOWAR (Krefeld, 16/06/2022)

Text: André; Pics: Aidan & Christoph If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would be attending a Manowar club concert in mid-June with my two Epic Metal Blog colleagues Aidan and Christoph, I probably would have laughed out loud. But sometimes things happen that no one expects and that even, when […]

RHF 2022 (III): Sulphur Demons at Midnight

Text: André, Pics & videos: Aidan On the last day of the Rock Hard Festival, there were three highlights on the bill for me: Sulphur Aeon, Night Demon and Midnight. A good portion of underground, I’m always up for that! Even though my legs were still quite heavy after the exhausting Saturday, I was already […]

RHF 2022 (II): Heed to the Atlantean Kodex

Text: André, Pics & videos: Aidan After we reported yesterday on the phenomenal Blind Guardian old school set at the Rock Hard Festival 2022, today we would like to take a closer look at the second day of the festival. It all started for us with the Villagers of Ioannina City, who I only knew […]

RHF 2022 (I): Blind Guardian is love

We are followingThe will of the oneThrough the dark ageAnd into the storm Since 1958, Gelsenkirchen’s leading football club has been waiting for a championship in the 1st Bundesliga – the last time they won the title, Konrad Adenauer still resided in the Bundeskanzleramt, and that was located in Bonn. Fortunately, the metal fans in […]

Live report: Havukruunu (22/05/2022)

Text: André, pics & videos: Aidan You can do many wonderful things on a Sunday: Watch Netflix with your partner, let your parents spoil you with culinary delights or take a long walk in the forest. But you can also arrange to meet your favourite post-millennial to enjoy the finest Finnish black metal in Oberhausen. […]