Lyrics: Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave

Anyone who claims that metal and politics don’t belong together either has their own political agenda or no idea about the roots of our music. It is indisputable that Black Sabbath are among the founding fathers of hard electric guitar music. Already on their second album Paranoid (1970) there were several socially critical songs, including […]

Lyrics: Atlantean Kodex – “The Golden Bough“ (song)

Friday evening’s interview with Gordon Overkill from German epic heavy metal band Atom Smasher was, among other things, about the great emotions that epic metal can evoke in the listener. Last but not least, we talked about the magnificent lyrics of Atlantean Kodex, which are second to none in our scene. In this regard, I […]

Epic Lyrics: Don’t Drop The Sword – „Sword And Sorcery“

In der Kategorie „Epic Lyrics“ möchten wir euch ab sofort, in unregelmäßigen Abständen, Songtexte vorstellen, die das Etikett „episch“ in jeder Hinsicht verdienen. Beginnen möchte ich mit einer Band aus unserem Heimatland: Don’t Drop The Sword. Ausgewählt habe ich den Track „Sword And Sorcery“ von der EP The Wild Hunt, veröffentlicht im Oktober 2019. Nun […]