An inclusive metal scene? – Part 3 – What actions contribute to make the change to an inclusive metal scene?

written by Igor Jakobsen (Dreamslain) In general, metalheads are great at signalling a stance. What bands they like and support, what genre and so on. So it’s only natural that metalheads, artists, promoters and venues committed to this work could use patches, stickers and merch to show their commitment. A good example here is Metalheads […]

Sausagefest Rising

written by Igor Jakobsen I went recently to a great festival with a line-up I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, during the second day I noticed that there were only men on stage, no matter what band played. This is not how I had hoped to find the metal scene in 2022! The festival was Keep It True […]

Metal and Whiteness

“Apolitical” Metal? Whiteness in the Metal Community From time to time, a debate about the political position of metal resurges, and in that context, usually at some point the argument appears that metal is, or should be apolitical. I want to share some reflections about this debate. Someone once told me that when looking at […]