My Top 5: Little Hole Filled

Today, Philipp Diesenreiter from Austrian doom metal band Little Hole Filled presents to us his five favourite albums of all time. 40 Watt Sun – Wider Than The Sky Death The Leveller – II Dautha – Brethren Of The Black Soil YOB – Our Raw Heart Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance

My Top 5: Joseph Tholl

A few days ago, I wrote about two wonderful classic rock performances at Hell Over Hammaburg in March 2020. If you’ve read my post, you know that Joseph Tholl (VOJD, ex-Enforcer) played an important role in this regard. That’s why I’m glad to present to you his pick in the context of our new series […]

My Top 5: Robert Pehrsson

In March 2020, I had the privilege to see Robert Pehrsson twice at Hell Over Hammaburg: On Friday, he played with his mate Joseph Tholl mainly stuff from Devil’s Drum, the amazing solo debut of the ex-Enforcer guitarist, on Saturday they excited the audience in the venerable Markthalle in Hamburg with Humbucker material. Classic rock […]

My Top 5: Andy DiGelsomina

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to interview Robert Lowe. He told me that he’s currently working on a track which was written by Andy DiGelsomina – a composer and guitar player from Springfield, Ohio. The ex-Solitude Aeturnus and ex-Candlemass vocalist praised him by saying: »Andy is an amazing guitarist, a solid player. […]

My Top 5: Ryghär Highwind (Ryghär)

If you’ve read our Newcomer list or are active on Instagram, you should already have heard of Ryghär! Having devoted themselves to the Epic sound, the six Texans are one of the hottest newcomers of the last years. Therefore, we asked the head and mind behind the band’s whole concept, Ryghär Highwind (Vocals), what his […]

My Top 5: Flo Spector (Meurtrières)

As you probably already know, Meurtrières from Lyon are one of our favourite newcomers of 2020. For many fans, they literally came out of nowhere. Their self-titled EP is undoubtledly one of the best French heavy metal records since ages. That’s why we’re really glad to present to you Flo Spector’s five favourite albums of […]

Our Top 5: Royal Hell

A few days ago, I discovered Royal Hell, a highly talented heavy metal/rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania. If you go for this style, you should definitely check this energetic quartet out – here on Bandcamp, for instance, or on YouTube (see video below). After a nice conversation on Facebook, I asked them to tell us […]

Our Top 5: Concilium (USA/Epic Doom)

Today, we may present you the favourite albums of the five members of US Epic Doom Metal band Concilium. If you don’t know this quintet from Boston yet, check them out on Bandcamp – right now after studying their interesting lists. Joe Goldwater (Drums) Beck – Sea Change Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie – Bird […]