Playlist: German Black Metal Magic (Part I)

To kick off the weekend, we present you today a playlist on which you can find some of the currently best German black metal bands. We hope you enjoy listening – and that you discover new gems. Horn – Retrograd The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia Ultha – The Night Took Her Right Before My […]

Playlist: Through the Forest

After a hot day, you long for the refreshing coolness of dense forests. That’s what happened to both of us last night – so we spontaneously sat down with a cold drink or two to create a playlist for you that will revive your senses. We hope that you will discover something new and exciting […]

Playlist: German Gems

Today we present you a playlist containing ten of the most magnificent, epic songs that have been released by German bands in recent years. We hope you enjoy listening to them! 1. Lunar Shadow – Hadrian Carrying Stones 2. Cross Vault – Gods Left Unsung 3. Thronehammer – A Fading King 4. Old Mother Hell […]

Playlist: Epic Growls & Screams

Both Aidan and I like extreme metal styles – as long as they have an epic feel or a sublime atmosphere. So with this playlist, we’re focusing on songs that are far from traditional epic metal – we hope you enjoy this new sound on the Epic Metal Blog as much as we do. Vanaheim […]

Playlist: Iron Griffin recommends…

Today we are proud to present you a playlist compiled by Oskari Räsänen from the wonderful Finnish underground gem Iron Griffin. We hope you enjoy listening to it! Lordian Guard – My Name Is Man Salem’s Wych – Never Ending Battle Grendel’s Sÿster – Worfelschwung Fruupp – Graveyard Epistle Viper – Wings of the Evil […]