Best of 2022: Songs

Today we continue with our Best of 2022 series. This time, the focus is on our favourite songs. Two notes on this: There is no particular order here. In addition, we offer you a Tidal and a Spotify playlist this time. We continue to believe that Spotify’s market power is far too great and that […]

Best of 2022: Newcomer

“(Heavy) Metal is getting older. There are no good bands anymore. Musicians nowadays are so uncreative.“ Year for year we have to hear the same statements implying a steady decay of our scene. And once again André and I feel our blood boiling as these for the most part quite conservative and simply ignorant remarks […]

Best of 2022: Festivals & Concerts

Today we would like to share with you our first Best of 2022 list. We start with our best live moments – more precisely with our 3 favourite festivals of the year and our 3 favourite concerts (We cheated a bit here, sorry). Basically, it is almost impossible to make a selection, because we have […]

Our Top 10 Albums of 2022 (First Half)

Today we present you our favourite albums from the first half of the current year. Aidan: 1. Véhémence – Ordalies 2. Fer de Lance – The Hyperborean 3. Ash of Ashes – Traces 4. Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal 5. Aara – Triade II: Hemera 6. Iron Griffin – Storm of Magic 7. Mamorlis – […]

Gravety: Best of 2021 (Albums – Top 3)

Gravety have produced one of the greatest epic heavy metal highlights of the past year with Bow Down. Reason enough to ask the guys which albums they themselves found particularly awesome in 2021. A little spoiler: Next week we will have an interview with the band, in which we will deal with Bow Down in […]