Our Top 3 Songs of 2021 (first half)

You already know if you’re one of our regular readers: We love lists. That is why, after the first half of 2021, we will of course give you an overview of our highlights. We start with our respective Top 3 Songs, plus a bonus of four excellent tracks from albums that will be released in […]

Our Top 15 newcomers of 2020

Newcomers, what are they and why are they so exciting to look at? Newcomers are young adventurers, who just started their journey to reach fame, honour and glory, who due to their untamable passion and ravenous energy dare to face every battle and eventually might succeed in achieving their dream! No, all jokes or rather […]

Our Top 10 EPs of 2020

As already pointed out in our previous list, Our Top 20 Albums of 2020, this year was absolutely amazing, if one looks at releases. Therefore, the task of creating a Top list of all releases was sheer impossible. Yet one thing we could do, was to split up the list into different categories and still […]

Our Epic Metal Top 10 albums of 2020

Last week, we published an article which contained the Top 20 albums of 2020 of each editor. Today, we present to you our shared list, but this time we only focussed on Epic Metal releases. That’s why you don’t find bands like Wytch Hazel, Dark Forest or Tyrant below. 1. Possessed Steel – Aedris 2. […]

Our Top 20 albums of 2020

2020 comes to an end and without any doubt it will be rememberd as a historic year. But not only for the mad circumstances: a pandemic that drives all of us insane, an election that might have prevented the end of democracy, no, but also for tons of amazing albums that will write history. Epic […]

Our Top 10 songs of 2020

Blaze Breeg: 1) Dexter Ward – The Dragon of the Mist »The Dragon of the Mist« contains the best chorus I’ve heard in years, no f***ing doubt about it. A perfectly crafted, majestic track that demonstrates the greatness of Epic Metal. You want to raise your fist, grab your sword and behead your enemy over […]