Lost Dawning – Embers of Dusk

Release: 18/11/2022 We are always very glad when we can present young artists on our blog who are at the very beginning of their career. This is definitely the case with Lost Dawning. Formed in 2020, the band has its roots in Scandinavia, but is now even more broadly based in terms of the band […]

Æternia – The Quest

Release: 20/07/2022 This year, as we have written about elsewhere frequently, has seen the release of many excellent EPs. And fortunately, the year 2022 has even more to offer. If you don’t believe that, you only have to take 18 minutes to listen to The Quest by the German band Æternia. You can do that, […]

B.S.T. – Herbst

Release: 21/09/2022 B.S.T. from Hamburg are certainly no unknowns in the German doom scene: No wonder, the band was already founded in 1994 and their first EP Vier + 2 was released in 2000. If you look at the quartet’s output as a whole, you quickly realise that B.S.T. took quite a long time to […]

Review: Riot City – Electric Elite

Release: 14/10/2022 English version below Ein schöner Gruß aus der aufrührerischen Stadt in Kanada! Aus den nordamerikanischen Wäldern und Bergen rund um Calgary kommt zum zweiten Male eine Portion traditionellen Stahls erster Güte zu uns. Schon mit ihrem Erstling Burn the Night konnten Riot City 2019 bei den Anhängern klassischen Heavy Metals mit ordentlichem NWOBHM-Einschlag und speedigem […]

Review: Sonja – Loud Arriver

Release: 23/09/2022 One could write several paragraphs about the genesis of Sonja at this point. I’m sure any reader who hasn’t spent 2018 in a cave knows what happened around the black metal band Absu. In the following lines, however, I will limit myself to the music, which speaks for itself… On their debut Loud […]

Review: HelėH – s/t

Release: 05/04/2022; (Vinyl: 02/09/2022) Doom metal with Spanish lyrics – regular readers of our blog will undoubtedly think of Mortajas at this point. While the Chileans are very classical in style on their self-titled debut, the Argentinians HelėH take a much more epic approach on their self-titled debut album. You can imagine that – with […]

Review: SpellBook – Deadly Charms

Release: 23/09/2022 SpellBook‘s roots go back to 2007, when they were still playing under the name Witch Hazel. The fact that they have been using their current name since 2020 is a good thing, not least for the Epic Metal Blog, to avoid misunderstandings regarding a different band from England that is extremely popular here… […]

Classic Review: Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond

Release: 29/06/1992 When the acoustic guitars atmospherically introduce “Time What Is Time“, I immediately feel at home. I close my eyes and forget the world around me. At the same time, anticipation grows for one of the most exciting journeys one can experience with a power/heavy metal band. Somewhere Far Beyond celebrates its 30th birthday […]

Review: Antyra – Poiema

Written by Mario Wolski, translation by Epic Metal Blog. The German original was published by our colleagues from Saitenkult. We thank them for allowing us to use the text for our blog. Release: 29/04/2022 When the chronicler raises the word, his voice trembles with zeal, the old look up from the jug, the waverer takes […]

Review: Gott – To Hell To Zion

Release: 01/09/2022 (Vinyl) Let’s not be fooling ourselves: Even though there are numerous highly talented bands in the underground these days, the majority of the promos you get as a blog can usually be classified as average. Since we have always focused on the releases that really interest us, this is not a major problem […]