Review: Adamantis – The Daemon’s Strain

Release: 15/04/2022 written by Igor Jakobsen (Dreamslain) Having bought the Adamantis album Far Flung Realm after finding it at the Epic Metal Blog, I’m very happy to review their EP The Daemons’s Strain for the same blog. The 4 song ep was recorded by Jeff Stark (vocals), Evgeny Gromovoy (drums), Cody Pelchat (Bass) Javier Estrada (guitars) and Jeff […]

Review: Vanaheim – Een verloren verhaal

Release: 04/02/2022 Uit een diepe winterslaap, bemost en overwoekerdStaan de reuzen op en grijpen naar de machtHongerig naar mensenbloed verwoesten zij de dorpenWaar men weerstand biedtGevallen in de nacht Already before the Mead & Greed Festival 2022, I had dealt with Vanaheim’s first studio album Een verloren verhaal. However, due to a large pile of […]

Review: Celtic Hills – Huldufólk

Release: 01/04/2022 Last year you already had the opportunity to get to know Celtic Hills on our blog. Therefore, I will spare myself a longer introduction at this point. The fact that the band from Udine is releasing their third full-length within two years is certainly remarkable. Those who are afraid that this will be […]

Review: Cobra Spell – Anthems of the Night

Release: 31/03/2022 In recent weeks, it has been a bit difficult for me to get excited about classic heavy metal, as many promos that reach us from this genre are very similar in terms of style. Often, there is simply a lack of hits that are necessary to captivate me as a listener – or […]

Classic Review: Hel – Das Atmen der Erde

Release: 07/04/2012 English version below Herrscher, Gebieter der MaschinenAllein Eure Sterblichkeit steht Euch im WegeUnd doch wird das Atmen der ErdeEure Gebeine verwehen Es gibt Alben, bei denen weiß man schon nach wenigen Sekunden, dass man sie sein ganzes Leben lang lieben wird. So erging es mir bei Hels Das Atmen der Erde, das vor […]

Review: Atrium Noctis – Atrium Noctis

Release: 22/02/2022 As you know, you won’t find many reviews about black metal releases on our blog – even though both Aidan and I are quite fond of this genre. If you haven’t noticed that yet, just have a look at our Best of 2021 lists and above all at these remarks of my colleague […]

Review: Claymorean – Alive in Vultureburg

Release: 24/03/2022 July 31, 2021 was a special day for Claymorean: The Epic Heavy Metal Night took place in Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia, which allowed the quintet to finally get back on stage and celebrate their new album Eulogy for the Gods live. I may also speak on behalf of my colleague […]

Review: Validor – Full Triumphed

Release: 02/02/2022 Do you also think that there hasn’t been any Metal from Hellas on this blog for far too long? Well, we feel the same way – therefore: Curtain up for Validor from Athens! Strictly speaking, Validor is not a classic band, but a solo project of Odi Thunderer. Nevertheless, on his fifth studio […]

Review: Iron Griffin – Storm of Magic

I have to admit that, when I first listened to Iron Griffin a couple of years ago, I was unsure what to think about this truly fascinating band. Maybe one could say that I was slightly overwhelmed back then, because if there’s one thing that can be stated with certainty, it’s the fact that the […]

Review: Achelous – The Icewind Chronicles

Release: 18/03/2022 Achelous are a phenomenon: although the band has everything that epic heavy metal fans usually love, they are still a kind of insider tip. Frankly, I don’t quite know why this is the case – but it says a lot about our scene, which always likes to focus on certain bands that are […]