Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part V)

„Wir sind Biwo und wir spielen Heavy Metal!” (“We are Biwo and we play heavy metal!”) With these words, began Biwo‘s highly enjoyable rehearsal gig on 29 July 2023. Fortunately, for all those who didn’t have the opportunity to see the four guys that evening in Castrop-Rauxel, there is now a brand-new single that captures […]

Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part IV)

We have already presented you with some shots of Biwo in our special. Thanks to Jochen Riese, we can now show you some excellent band pictures that will be used as PR material in the future. The working class attitude typical of the Ruhr area, coupled with a reference to traditions that still shape our […]

Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part III)

German version below In the third part of our special, Finley (guitar), Hanno (drums) and Justus (bass) have their say, mainly to talk about the upcoming Turock Fest and their live experiences so far. André: At the end of October, your greatest gig so far will be happening at the Turock Fest. What is predominant […]

Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part II)

German version below As already mentioned in the first part of our special, Biwo played an extremely entertaining gig in their packed rehearsal room in the heavy metal mecca Castrop-Rauxel on 29.07.2023. For this reason we had a chat with band founder Sven (vocals, lead guitar), who on this occasion also announced a new release […]

Road to Turock: A Metal Diary (Part I)

As already announced on our social media channels, we will be accompanying the young heavy metal band Biwo on their way to the Turock Fest in Bochum (27/28.10.2023) over the next three months. The Epic Metal Blog will be going down to the grassroots to show you how four guys are preparing for their first […]