Best of 2021: Newcomers

Like last year, we are presenting a list of “newcomers“. We discussed for a long time which bands could be given this label in 2021. Besides the quality factor, the “surprise factor” is especially important to us. Bands that appear on the scene out of nowhere are therefore particularly interesting for us in this context. […]

Our Top 10 Albums of 2021 (first half)

After presenting our top songs from the first half of the year yesterday, we continue today with our favourite albums. Only the records that have already been released have been taken into account. That was really a very difficult task…. Aidan (Divine Victim) 1. Wheel – Preserved in Time (album review by Ansgar) 2. Anahata […]

Review: Anahata – Auspicious Atavism

Release: 14.05.2021 Nur wenige Genres haben eine so enge Verknüpfung mit dem Underground wie der Epic Metal! Viele Bands, die selbst für die meisten Metal-Hörer – deren Zahl in den jüngeren Generationen ohnehin schon vergleichsweise niedrig ist – unbekannt sind, werden im Epic Metal mit einer Leidenschaft vergöttert, die wahrlich einzigartig ist. Und dabei ist […]