Interview: Midnight Force

On Friday, 12 May 2023, everyone who can make it in terms of time and organisation should drop by the Helvete in Oberhausen. Find out why in the following interview with Ansgar, guitarist of Midnight Force and head of From Beyond Events. André: Hi Ansgar, next Friday there will be a fantastic concert evening at […]

Best of 2022: Songs

Today we continue with our Best of 2022 series. This time, the focus is on our favourite songs. Two notes on this: There is no particular order here. In addition, we offer you a Tidal and a Spotify playlist this time. We continue to believe that Spotify’s market power is far too great and that […]

Interview: B.S.T.

Während ich diese Zeilen tippe, schneit es draußen heftig, ja, so was passiert sogar mal in Dortmund – das ideale Wetter, um sich doomigen Klängen zu widmen, die Herz und Seele wärmen. Das machen wir heute auf unserem Blog mit dem Hamburger Quartett B.S.T., das uns mit seiner letzten Platte Herbst und erst kürzlich mit […]

B.S.T. – Herbst

Release: 21/09/2022 B.S.T. from Hamburg are certainly no unknowns in the German doom scene: No wonder, the band was already founded in 1994 and their first EP Vier + 2 was released in 2000. If you look at the quartet’s output as a whole, you quickly realise that B.S.T. took quite a long time to […]