Interview: Mornir (Thorshammer Special)

Das Thorshammer Festival in Suhl steht bereits in wenigen Tagen an. Daher bekommt ihr heute gleich zwei Interviews im Rahmen unseres mehrteiligen Specials (das hiermit noch nicht beendet ist). Diesmal beschäftigen wir uns mit Mornir aus Freising. Gesprochen haben wir mit Axel (Gesang, Gitarre), Maxi (Gitarre) und Heinrich (Bass, Gesang). Wir wünschen euch viel Vergnügen […]

Interview: Helgrindur (Thorshammer Special)

Erst in unserem am Sonntag veröffentlichten Interview mit Zagan (Black Messiah) fiel der Name der Band, um die sich heute alles dreht: Helgrindur. Anlässlich des in der kommenden Woche anstehenden Thorshammer Festivals in Suhl möchten wir euch heute die Truppe aus Solingen näher vorstellen. Rede und Antwort stand uns Flemming. Viel Spaß beim Lesen! André: […]

Interview: Black Messiah

Vor einer Woche schrieben wir bereits, dass uns Black Messiah auf dem Wolfszeit Festival 2022 sehr gut gefallen haben. Kurz nach unserem Ausflug nach Thüringen stand fest: Mit Bandgründer Zagan, als einziges Mitglied seit 1992 an Bord, möchten wir uns unbedingt für den Epic Metal Blog unterhalten. Herausgekommen ist ein sehr lebendiges Zoom-Gespräch, das wir […]

Review: Antyra – Poiema

Written by Mario Wolski, translation by Epic Metal Blog. The German original was published by our colleagues from Saitenkult. We thank them for allowing us to use the text for our blog. Release: 29/04/2022 When the chronicler raises the word, his voice trembles with zeal, the old look up from the jug, the waverer takes […]

Review: Ash of Ashes – Traces

Release: 13/05/2022 There is no question that man will eventually perish from his hubris. The conviction that we can tame nature and exploit it as we please will inevitably lead to our downfall. Compared to the splendour of our planet, we are nothing, whose existence will be long forgotten when the earth continues to turn […]

Interview: Skaldir (Ash of Ashes) – Part II

Today I am pleased to present the second part of my Zoom interview with Skaldir from Ash of Ashes. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it here. André: A defining element in your sound are the very melodic, dreamy guitars. Which musicians have inspired you the most in this respect? […]

Interview: Skaldir (Ash of Ashes) – Part I

This Friday brings the release of Traces, one of those albums that I’ve already played a lot in the last few weeks. Ash of Ashes have already secured a spot on one of the first positions in my Best of 2022 list. I am especially glad that I had the opportunity to do an in-depth […]

Review: Fer de Lance – The Hyperborean

Release: 22/04/2022 As announced, we present you two reviews of this album. Today it’s Aidan’s turn. In order to create a perfect record, a timeless piece of art, it is in my opinion is essential that it has an overarching atmosphere which in itself is conclusive and consummate. Due to this it is hardly surprising […]