Review: Black Revelation – Demon

Release: 2020/11/11 Auf unserem Blog freuen wir uns immer, wenn wir auf Underground-Bands stoßen, die sich klassischen Klängen verschrieben haben und noch am Anfang ihrer Karriere stehen. Beides trifft auf die recht obskure Doom Metal-Formation Black Revelation zu: Das deutsche Trio, gegründet im Jahr 2016, tritt nur unter den Pseudonymen A (Bass), J (Gitarren) und […]

Interview: Fer De Lance

Mysterious, Epic, Arcane! In my opinion the American three-piece Fer De Lance is the most intriguing band of the last year. Not only because of the quality of their amazing music but also because of the fact that only so little is known about the band. They truly are a band shrouded in darkness. Thus, […]

Interview: Runemaster

Today, we may present to you an interview with Scottish heavy metal band Runemaster. In 2020, the quartet from Edinburgh released its first full-length record, called Wanderer. In my opinion, it was one of the best outputs which can be labelled as traditional metal with a lot of epic elements. If you don’t know these […]

Interview: Morgul Blade

The last couple of years have revealed tons of very exciting young bands. This is epecially true for the vast lands of the US. The seed is sprouting and one of this very young bands is Philly four-piece Morgul Blade, who have released a very promising EP in 2019. I talked with guitarist and vocalist […]