Playlist: Epic 70s Part I (Readers‘ choice)

A few days ago we asked our Facebook and Instagram readers which songs from the 70s they consider particularly epic. Since there was a lot of feedback, we decided to make two lists. Here is No. 1 – have fun listening! Rainbow – Stargazer Deep Purple – Child in Time Uriah Heep – Pilgrim Styx […]

Review: Orodruin – Epicurean Mass (Re-Release)

Release: 28.05.2021 English version below Orodruin aus Rochester, New York, zählen zweifellos zu den talentiertesten Doom Metal-Bands der Gegenwart. Ihr letzter Output Ruins of Eternity war im Jahr 2019 ein strahlendes Genre-Highlight, dessen erhaben-melancholische Songs auch live beim Hammer of Doom desselben Jahres die Anhänger in der Posthalle begeistern konnten. Da trifft es sich gut, […]

My Top 5: Chris Blackwood (Gladius Dei)

These albums are the most important ones. They influenced my taste, my attitude and my life! (Chris Blackwood) Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath This is were it all began. I love everything of the Birmingham Boys. They have not one weak album (No, not even Forbidden is bad at all). Their influence for our beloved music […]

Playlist: Hymns from Heaven Part II

A few days ago we published our playlist Hymns from Heaven – inspired by William J Tsami’s death. Due to the many positive reactions to this post, we are launching a second part today, in which other departed heroes of our scene are honoured. Enjoy listening! Black Sabbath – The Shining (RIP Geoff Nicholls) Scald […]

Playlist: Hymns from Heaven

On the occasion of the death of William J Tsamis, we are launching a playlist that honours him and many other heroes who left this world far too early. You are unforgotten! Warlord – Deliver us from Evil (RIP William J Tsamis) Vicious Rumors – Out of the Shadows (RIP Carl Albert) Omen – In […]

My Top 5: Jonathan “Sealey“ Seale (Iron Void)

Jonathan “Sealey“ Seale can already be called a permanent guest on the Epic Metal Blog. Last year, my colleague Aidan interviewed his doom metal band Iron Void. A few months later, he answered my questions as part of our big Manilla Road Special. Today, the British bassist/vocalist introduces us to his five favourite albums of […]

Review: Black Revelation – Demon

Release: 2020/11/11 Auf unserem Blog freuen wir uns immer, wenn wir auf Underground-Bands stoßen, die sich klassischen Klängen verschrieben haben und noch am Anfang ihrer Karriere stehen. Beides trifft auf die recht obskure Doom Metal-Formation Black Revelation zu: Das deutsche Trio, gegründet im Jahr 2016, tritt nur unter den Pseudonymen A (Bass), J (Gitarren) und […]

Review: Briton Rites – Occulte Fantastique

Release: 2020/12/18 Briton Rites is an US American doom metal band which was founded in 2006. Four years later, the trio released its debut album For Mircalla. Even though they received very positive feedback from critics and fans, Briton Rites didn’t break through – and finally split up in 2014. Fortunately, the band reunited last […]

Interview: Greg May (Tyrant)

In 2020, Tyrant finally released their fourth studio album: Hereafter. It was their first full-length after 24 years – and their first record with Robert Lowe. As you probably know, I already had the opportunity to interview the ex-Solitude Aeturnus and ex-Candlemass vocalist for our blog. We talked a while about Tyrant but also a […]

Interview: Runemaster

Today, we may present to you an interview with Scottish heavy metal band Runemaster. In 2020, the quartet from Edinburgh released its first full-length record, called Wanderer. In my opinion, it was one of the best outputs which can be labelled as traditional metal with a lot of epic elements. If you don’t know these […]