Interview: Skaldir (Ash of Ashes) – Part II

Today I am pleased to present the second part of my Zoom interview with Skaldir from Ash of Ashes. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it here. André: A defining element in your sound are the very melodic, dreamy guitars. Which musicians have inspired you the most in this respect? […]

Review: Celtic Hills – Huldufólk

Release: 01/04/2022 Last year you already had the opportunity to get to know Celtic Hills on our blog. Therefore, I will spare myself a longer introduction at this point. The fact that the band from Udine is releasing their third full-length within two years is certainly remarkable. Those who are afraid that this will be […]

Interview: Celtic Hills

Today we present to you an interview with Jonathan Vanderbilt, singer and guitarist of Celtic Hills – a band that released with Mystai Keltoy one of the most diverse albums of the year. Have fun reading! Hi, Jonathan, thanks for your time. How are you? Jonathan Vanderbilt: Fine! There are certainly some readers who don’t […]

Review: Celtic Hills – Mystai Keltoy

Release: 30.04.2021 Wenn man den Bandnamen Celtic Hills liest, denkt man natürlich sofort an … Italien, das Land des amtierenden Fußball-Europameisters, logo! Doch im Ernst: Mit einer dudeligen irischen oder schottischen Folk-Truppe haben wir es hier zum Glück nicht zu tun. Und genau genommen sind Celtic Hills auch nur zu 2/3 Italiener, da Sänger/Gitarrist Jonathan […]