Interview: Claymorean

If there is a new album in the house of Claymorean soon, it is obvious that we let our Serbian friends have their say in detail. However, I spoke with Vladimir Garčević not only about the new release By This Sword We Rule: A Decade of Steel, but about many other topics. This time, we […]

Review: Oathbringer – Tales of Glory

Release: 22/06/2022 MoriaWe are passing throughThrough the darkTo the bridge of Khazad-Dum Those who know our blog know that we regularly look to Serbia. This is not primarily because you can spend a wonderful time with all kinds of culinary delights in Novi Sad, for example, but because of Claymorean. But Serbia has even more […]

Review: Claymorean – Alive in Vultureburg

Release: 24/03/2022 July 31, 2021 was a special day for Claymorean: The Epic Heavy Metal Night took place in Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia, which allowed the quintet to finally get back on stage and celebrate their new album Eulogy for the Gods live. I may also speak on behalf of my colleague […]

Vladimir Garčević (Claymorean): Metal and rebellion

After almost one and a half years, my latest publication in the field of Metal Studies is finished. It is entitled: Between Woodstock, Oss and Rammstein. Metal images in the Dutch press: The Nineties. It will be edited in German and be part of the publication series of my university. But there are a few […]

Review: Blazon Stone – Damnation

Release: 15.09.2021 English version below Wandering Souls, lost forever in damnationSearching for light in a world full of liesWe are wandering Souls, lost forever in damnationSearching for light in a world full of lies Eine Blazon Stone-Platte zu reviewen, ist eine ziemlich undankbare Aufgabe. Spätestens im zweiten oder dritten Satz neigt man als Autor unweigerlich […]

Review: Claymorean – Eulogy for the Gods

Release: 01.09.2021 English version below Claymorean müssen wir keinem Stammleser unseres Blogs vorstellen: Über keine Band haben wir mehr Artikel im Angebot. Ihr könnt euch demnach ausmalen, wie sehr Aidan und ich uns auf das neue Album des äußerst sympathischen serbischen Heavy Metal-Quintetts gefreut haben. Und wir möchten euch gar nicht auf die Folter spannen: […]

Playlist: Dragon Tunes

It’s time again for a new Epic Metal Blog Playlist: Today we dedicate ourselves to the topic of “Dragons”. We hope you enjoy our stylistically diverse selection! Manilla Road – Hour of the DragonOmen – Dragon’s BreathNevermore – The River Dragon Has ComeManowar – Ride the DragonDomine – Dragonlord (The Grand Master of the Mightiest […]