Manilla Road Special (36): Andrew Halliday (Culloden)

In the 36th part of our Manilla Road Special, Andrew Halliday, singer and bassist of the English heavy metal band Culloden, has his say. We hope you enjoy the read. André: Would you classify Manilla Road as an important source of inspiration for your music? Andrew: For my own music I can’t cite them as […]

Review: Culloden – Demo 2019

Release: 16.07.2021 English version below On the hills of Culloden, we sing to the deadOn the hills of Culloden, Their spirits still tread Was ist noch besser als gute Musik? Gute Musik von guten Typen. Und damit sind wir bei Culloden, der Band um Sänger/Bassist Andrew Halliday. Die Truppe aus dem Nordosten Englands existiert bereits […]