Review: Tabernacle – Terror in Thrace

As the pandemic dominates lives worldwide, an awareness has been resurrected, an awareness almost lost in the vortex of every day live, taken for granted. I am talking about the awareness of globalisation. The world is interconnected, distance has become obsolete. Even tough globalisation has caused many problems, we can’t deny that it always has […]

Review: Heathen Kings – In The Hall of The Kings (Single)

Release: 30.05.2021 English version below In England, dem Land legendärer und sagenumwobener Könige wie Artus, Penda, Offa oder Alfred, erscheint ein neuer Thronanwärter auf der Bildfläche: Heathen Kings! Bereits letztes Jahr in Suffolk gegründet, ist es nun soweit, dass die vier heidnischen Könige, Andrew Clarke (Vocals und Gitarre), Oscar Charlton (Gitarre), Alex Body (Bass) und […]

Review: Starscape – Colony

One important aspect that makes bands like Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, or Pagan Altar so special is the quaintness all of them possess. While sounding a little odd in the beginning, eventually, due to their unique and genius style, they have so much more to offer than most ‘ordinary’ bands. In combination with their grand […]

Review: Angel Martyr – Nothing Louder Than Silence

Release: 2021/02/26 Während sich heutzutage die populäre Musik und der Mainstream dadurch auszeichnen, dass man schnell möglichst viel konsumieren kann, ohne sich groß mit der Materie auseinanderzusetzen, ist dies in so leidenschaftlichen Subgenres wie dem Epic Metal grundsätzlich anders. Man versucht neue Welten zu schaffen, Geschichten zu erzählen, auf den Kern seiner Gedanken und Emotionen […]

Interview: Fer De Lance

Mysterious, Epic, Arcane! In my opinion the American three-piece Fer De Lance is the most intriguing band of the last year. Not only because of the quality of their amazing music but also because of the fact that only so little is known about the band. They truly are a band shrouded in darkness. Thus, […]

My Top 5: Ryghär Highwind (Ryghär)

If you’ve read our Newcomer list or are active on Instagram, you should already have heard of Ryghär! Having devoted themselves to the Epic sound, the six Texans are one of the hottest newcomers of the last years. Therefore, we asked the head and mind behind the band’s whole concept, Ryghär Highwind (Vocals), what his […]

Interview: Morgul Blade

The last couple of years have revealed tons of very exciting young bands. This is epecially true for the vast lands of the US. The seed is sprouting and one of this very young bands is Philly four-piece Morgul Blade, who have released a very promising EP in 2019. I talked with guitarist and vocalist […]

Interview: Seven Sisters

In the last years the British Heavy Metal scene has experienced a real surge of amazing new bands. One of my favourite bands from this so called “New NWoBHM” is the London quartet Seven Sisters. Formed in 2013 the band, known for maybe the best guitar duo in the NWOTHM, has released two albums, several […]