Review: Bergfried – Romantik I

Release: 17/04/2022 If, like me, you have studied medieval history as a major and have also done a bit of German studies as a minor, a project called Bergfried (Engl. “keep”/”castle keep”) which is releasing an EP called Romantik I, is already 2:0 ahead before the first listen. But I’ll even raise it to 3:0 […]

Review: Iron Griffin – Storm of Magic

I have to admit that, when I first listened to Iron Griffin a couple of years ago, I was unsure what to think about this truly fascinating band. Maybe one could say that I was slightly overwhelmed back then, because if there’s one thing that can be stated with certainty, it’s the fact that the […]

Playlist: Iron Griffin recommends…

Today we are proud to present you a playlist compiled by Oskari Räsänen from the wonderful Finnish underground gem Iron Griffin. We hope you enjoy listening to it! Lordian Guard – My Name Is Man Salem’s Wych – Never Ending Battle Grendel’s Sÿster – Worfelschwung Fruupp – Graveyard Epistle Viper – Wings of the Evil […]

Sarah’s Sanctified Sacralities

(Firsty, I dearly apologise for the title, but the alliteration simply had to be fulfilled.) It’s Christmas time again and also time to spread a little kindness. Therefore, I out of hand decided to write a little appreciation article about one of the most important people in our scene: Sarah Vincent. It was at the […]

Review: Grendel’s Sÿster – Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz

Release: 2019/10/01 Dass Vertreter des klassischen Heavy Metals auf Deutsch singen, war und ist eine Seltenheit. Die Gelsenkrichener Iron Kobra haben mit ihren drei Liedern in deutscher Sprache zwar einen soliden Anfang gemacht, aber Versuche anderer Bands in dieser Kategorie sind entweder nicht nennenswert oder man sollte sie am besten schnell wieder vergessen. Grendel‘s Sÿster hinterlassen mit ihrer zweiten […]