Live report: Hell’s Heroes V (Part VII)

We close this week’s coverage of Hell’s Heroes with an article and great photos from Marcus Hettlage, who travelled all the way from Germany to Texas to experience this terrific festival – a second time. (Feature image: Greyhawk) André: Where are you from? And how long did you travel to get to the festival location? […]

Live report: Hell’s Heroes V (Part IV)

We continue with our coverage of the Hell’s Heroes festival. Today our reader Michael Thomas Robinson reports on his experiences in Houston. We thank him for the great pictures we are allowed to use for this article. After reading this interview you will realise: Michael has excellent taste in music – and the Epic Metal […]

Interview: Tyler Anderson (Gatekeeper / Odinfist)

After we presented you an interview with Jeff Black last week, we follow up with a very informative chat with Tyler Anderson in our little Gatekeeper special, who not only talks about his new band, but also about his other group, Odinfist. And of course there’s a lot more! André: Hi Tyler, thanks for taking […]

Interview: Gatekeeper

Exactly two years ago, on 26 January 2021, we published for the last time an interview with Jeff Black from Gatekeeper – this article was released as a part of our big Manilla Road Special. Since we always enjoy chatting with Jeff and the new Gatekeeper album From Western Shores will be out on 1 […]

Playlist: Day of Valkyries 22

Today is a special day, even though it shouldn’t have to be. Some may deny it, yet still women in many parts of their lives have to face inequality and discrimination on a regular basis. Some might say that there a other things one should focus on right now, yet in reality this shows the […]

Review: Possessed Steel – Aedris

Release: 30.11.2020. Line-up: Talon Sullivan (Gesang, Gitarre), Steve Mac (Gitarre), Don Bachinski (Bass) und Richard Rizzo (Schlagzeug). Noch vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich Possessed Steel gar nicht mehr auf dem Zettel. Vor ungefähr zwei Jahren waren das selbstbetitelte Debüt (2014) und dessen Nachfolger Order of the Moon (2017) in meine digitale Sammlung gewandert. Beide […]

Interview: Greyhawk

Today, we had the opportunity to interview Darin Wall, bass player in Greyhawk. This quintet from Seattle, Washington, released one of the best Epic Heavy Metal records this year – and you have to check them out, if you don’t know them yet. By the way, Hail Manowar! Darin, thanks a lot for your time! […]