Interview: Heathen Kings

There aren’t many bands that have been featured on our blog as often as the Heathen Kings – their first three singles have been reviewed separately. With their debut album Fealty to None finally out in just over 2 weeks, we spoke to Joel Kurta (drums, songwriting) to heighten your anticipation for this year’s highlight […]

Manilla Road Special (44): Andrew Clarke (Heathen Kings)

Although the Heathen Kings from Great Britain have not yet released an album, they have already made a couple of appearances on our blog. So it’s only logical to interview singer/guitarist Andrew Clarke as part of our huge Manilla Road Special. We hope you enjoy the read. Would you classify Manilla Road as an important […]

Interview: Heathen Kings

With this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, we enter Albion, the island where Aidan spent the first years of his life. There is hardly a band from there that has made such an impact on us in the past year as the Heathen Kings – both Aidan and I wrote very positive […]

Review: Knight’s Oath – II

Release: 04/02/2022 If you look at the band name, the cover art and the song titles, you know: Knight’s Oath fit perfectly on the Epic Metal Blog. And – I anticipate – musically we also get our money’s worth. Even if I have something to complain about – but more about that in a moment. […]

Review: Heathen Kings – The Heart of the Mountain Horde (Single)

Release: 30.07.2021 English version below Manchmal ist das Leben geprägt von bemerkenswerten Zufällen: Anfang der Woche beschloss ich, mir nach mehreren Jahren mal wieder die Hobbit-Trilogie anzuschauen, deren Verfilmung mich offen gestanden nie gänzlich überzeugt hat. Daran hat sich übrigens auch nach dem jüngsten Durchgang nichts geändert, allerdings möchte ich euch an dieser Stelle mit […]

Our Top 3 Songs of 2021 (first half)

You already know if you’re one of our regular readers: We love lists. That is why, after the first half of 2021, we will of course give you an overview of our highlights. We start with our respective Top 3 Songs, plus a bonus of four excellent tracks from albums that will be released in […]

Playlist: Hail to the King

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new playlist for you. The motto is: Hail to the King! Enjoy listening to it. Manilla Road – Road of Kings Visigoth – The Revenant King Wytch Hazel – Mighty King Possessed Steel – Skeleton King Helloween – Robot King Manowar – Kings of Metal Omen […]

Review: Heathen Kings – A Song for Denethor (Single)

English version below Release: 27.06.2021 Es gibt auch in diesen turbulenten Zeiten ein paar Dinge, auf die man sich stets verlassen kann. Dazu zählt zweifellos der Musikgeschmack meines geschätzten Co-Chefredakteurs Aidan. Vor gut drei Wochen bewertete er die erste Single der englischen Newcomer Heathen Kings, “In the Hall of the Kings”, in seinem ausführlichen Review […]

Review: Heathen Kings – In The Hall of The Kings (Single)

Release: 30.05.2021 English version below In England, dem Land legendärer und sagenumwobener Könige wie Artus, Penda, Offa oder Alfred, erscheint ein neuer Thronanwärter auf der Bildfläche: Heathen Kings! Bereits letztes Jahr in Suffolk gegründet, ist es nun soweit, dass die vier heidnischen Könige, Andrew Clarke (Vocals und Gitarre), Oscar Charlton (Gitarre), Alex Body (Bass) und […]