Epic Tunes Vol. 2

With our second playlist from the Epic Tunes series, we would like to sweeten your weekend a bit. We’re travelling to Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, Belgium and the USA. We hope you enjoy spending some time listening!

Interview: Starscape

In this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special we enter Sweden. Last year, Starscape‘s debut Colony was one of Aidan’s favourite records, which kept him excited all year long. I am therefore very happy that Anton Eriksson (all instruments) took the time to chat with us about his band and all sorts of […]

My Top 5: Manolis Karazeris (Dexter Ward)

Today, Manolis Karazeris (Dexter Ward, ex-Battleroar) presents to us his five favourite albums of all time. Manowar – Into Glory Ride Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time Those two are on my Top 5 list every day. The other ones change regularly. Today: Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead Manilla Road – The Deluge […]

Interview: Konquest

If you appreciate classic twin guitar harmonies that remind you of legendary bands like Thin Lizzy or Heavy Load, you undoubtedly have to give Konquest from Italy a listen. Perhaps Alex Rossi – who sings and plays every (!) instrument on his debut album The Night Goes On – has already created one of your […]

Interview: Matt V. Peppe (Royal Hell)

Last week the four members of Royal Hell presented to us their five favourite bands of all time. Today, vocalist Matt V. Peppe tells us a bit more about his favourite music, his band, their future plans and some other topics. Enjoy reading! Hi, Matt, thanks a lot for your time. How are you doing? […]

Interview: Manolis Karazeris (Dexter Ward)

When I listened to Dexter Ward‘s latest output III for the first time, it blew me away. Even after a lot of spins, nine months later, it’s still an engrossing album that never bores me. For me, it’s one of the best records released in 2020, no doubt about it – and it contains a […]

Interview: Morgul Blade

The last couple of years have revealed tons of very exciting young bands. This is epecially true for the vast lands of the US. The seed is sprouting and one of this very young bands is Philly four-piece Morgul Blade, who have released a very promising EP in 2019. I talked with guitarist and vocalist […]