Interview: Fabula Rasa

English version below Heute widmen wir uns mal einem Genre, das auf unserem Blog eher selten beleuchtet wird: Power Folk! Ihr könnt euch darunter nichts vorstellen? Dann lest euch am besten mal das unten stehende Interview durch, das wir mit Fabula Rasa aus Düsseldorf geführt haben. Viel Spaß dabei! Danke, dass ihr euch Zeit für […]

Discography Check: Seven Sisters

It’s about time to continue our section Discography Check, which we started a year ago. We kick off with a band that means a lot to us: Seven Sisters. With this little feature, the Epic Metal Blog also thanks these artists for their just completed European tour, where they absolutely captivated many fans. We hope you […]

Interview: Theandric

Fortunately, you can always discover wonderful gems in the underground. One of them is Theandric’s EP Flight Among the Tombs, which already enchanted me during the first listen. Against this background, it is not surprising that we asked the band’s founder, Paul Tiseo, if he would like to answer a few questions for us. Luckily, […]

Interview: Angel Martyr

This interview is to be considered as part of our recent Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, honouring our co-editor-in-chief Aidan on the occasion of his 19th birthday. Unfortunately, however, we had to postpone our talk with Angel Martyr because one of the band members was confronted with private matters that are much more important. We […]

Interview: Starscape

In this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special we enter Sweden. Last year, Starscape’s debut Colony was one of Aidan’s favourite records, which kept him excited all year long. I am therefore very happy that Anton Eriksson (all instruments) took the time to chat with us about his band and all sorts of […]

Interview: Heathen Kings

With this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, we enter Albion, the island where Aidan spent the first years of his life. There is hardly a band from there that has made such an impact on us in the past year as the Heathen Kings – both Aidan and I wrote very positive […]

Interview: is LOVE alive?

English version below Dieses Interview habt ihr nicht zuletzt Ben von Wheel zu verdanken. Als Aidan und ich letztes Jahr mit ihm zoomten, empfahl er uns unter anderem is LOVE alive? – Ein guter Tipp, denn die Doom-Formation aus dem Ruhrgebiet hat bereits einige Underground-Perlen veröffentlicht. In der Hoffnung, dass sich auch viele unserer Leser […]

Review: On the Loose – On the Loose

Release: 20/03/2022 It sounds like a platitude to say that a band comes out of nowhere. But in the case of the Portuguese On the Loose, this is indeed true. In September of last year, a song called “Midnight“ suddenly appeared, which probably made every epic doom fan sit up and take notice. Or even […]

Review: Sentencer – Inception

Release: 06/01/2022 If you’re looking for true underground gems this year that many probably won’t dig up, you can hardly get past Sentencer from Brazil. The quartet from São Paulo has been on our radar for quite some time – and therefore we can say: The guys have the spirit that we all love! It […]

Interview: Crom

Vor 1 Monat haben Crom mit Into the Glory Land eine großartige EP veröffentlicht, die Aidan und ich jeweils auf Platz 2 in unserer EP-Jahreswertung gewählt haben. Daher freuen wir uns sehr, euch heute ein Interview mit Crom-Mastermind Walter Grosse präsentieren zu können. Dass er sich trotz einer (ausklingenden) Erkrankung Zeit für uns genommen hat, […]