Interview: Böllverk

English version below Wir freuen uns immer, wenn wir euch junge Bands, die am Anfang ihrer Karriere stehen, präsentieren können. Heute liegt der Fokus auf der deutschen Heavy Metal-Band Böllverk. Rede und Antwort gestanden hat uns ihr Gitarrist Raphi. André: Zunächst einmal herzlichen Dank, dass du dir Zeit für unseren Blog nimmst. Zum Einstieg mal […]

Interview: Skaldir (Ash of Ashes) – Part II

Today I am pleased to present the second part of my Zoom interview with Skaldir from Ash of Ashes. If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can find it here. André: A defining element in your sound are the very melodic, dreamy guitars. Which musicians have inspired you the most in this respect? […]

Interview: Angel Martyr

This interview is to be considered as part of our recent Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special, honouring our co-editor-in-chief Aidan on the occasion of his 19th birthday. Unfortunately, however, we had to postpone our talk with Angel Martyr because one of the band members was confronted with private matters that are much more important. We […]

Interview: Ryghär

You didn’t seriously think there would be an Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special for Aidan without Ryghär? If you did, you don’t know our blog that well… There is hardly any other band that my friend and colleague has been so intensively dealing with since the beginning of his blogging career. So it’s only fitting […]

Interview: Starscape

In this part of the Epic Metal Blog Birthday Special we enter Sweden. Last year, Starscape’s debut Colony was one of Aidan’s favourite records, which kept him excited all year long. I am therefore very happy that Anton Eriksson (all instruments) took the time to chat with us about his band and all sorts of […]

Review: Medieval Steel – Gods of Steel

Release: 28/02/2022 There is probably no band in our scene whose name is so closely associated with a one single song – Medieval Steel are “Medieval Steel“ for many people. The fact that Bobby Franklin and Co. released one of the most famous and iconic epic metal numbers in 1984 – probably only Manowar’s “Battle […]

Playlist: Favourite Riffs (Readers‘ Choice)

This weekend we asked our Facebook users for their favorite guitar riffs. We have now selected 20 of them for our playlist. We hope you enjoy listening to it! Heir Apparent – Tear Down The Walls Savatage – Power of the Night Crimson Glory – Heart of Steel Manilla Road – The Veils of Negative […]

Interview: Reinforcer

Dass wir in Deutschland seit einigen Jahren eine äußerst vitale Underground-Metalszene erleben, steht außer Frage. Eine Band, die man spätestens seit ihrer ersten LP Prince of the Tribes zu den Nachwuchshoffnungen zählen darf, ist Reinforcer. Das Power/Heavy Metal-Quintett aus Ostwestfalen ist nicht zuletzt wegen seiner Lyrics, in denen sich fast alles um historische Themen dreht, […]

Interview: Traveler

Traveler unquestionably belong to the spearhead of the currently so enormously strong Canadian metal scene. Therefore, we are very glad to be able to present to you an interview with Matt Ries (guitar) today. Have fun reading! Hi, thank you for your time, how are you? Matt Ries: Thanks for having me man! What’s the […]

Interview: Claymorean (Part II)

Today we present to you the second part of our big interview with all band members of Claymorean. Have fun reading! (First part: Click here) Let’s start with “local history“: You are from Lazarevac. Please tell us more about your hometown. Vlad: Lazarevac is a small town in the heart of Šumadija (or Forestia in […]