Interview: Skyryder

Skyryder is undoubtedly a traditional metal band that everybody who goes for soaring twin guitars will appreciate. Honestly, I got to know them due to a positive review my colleague Aidan had written in April 2020. I’m therefore glad to present to you today an interview with Skyryder’s drummer Andrew Macknight who talked to me […]

Interview: Runemaster

Today, we may present to you an interview with Scottish heavy metal band Runemaster. In 2020, the quartet from Edinburgh released its first full-length record, called Wanderer. In my opinion, it was one of the best outputs which can be labelled as traditional metal with a lot of epic elements. If you don’t know these […]

Review: Sylent Storm – The Fire Never Dies

Released: 2020/11/27 Last year, Sylent Storm undoubtedly released one of the best traditional metal albums which far too many people haven’t checked out yet. Otherwise, The Fire Never Dies would have been included in a lot of »Best of 2020« lists. When I first looked at the cover artwork, I expected a kind of Judas […]

Interview: Matt V. Peppe (Royal Hell)

Last week the four members of Royal Hell presented to us their five favourite bands of all time. Today, vocalist Matt V. Peppe tells us a bit more about his favourite music, his band, their future plans and some other topics. Enjoy reading! Hi, Matt, thanks a lot for your time. How are you doing? […]

Review: Midnight Priest – Aggressive Hauntings

Release: 2019 Metal on Metal Records; 2020/21 Dying Victims Productions. Line-up: Lex Thunder (Vox), Iron Fist (Gitarren), Steel Bringer (Gitarren), Joe Dalton – inzwischen nicht mehr Teil der Band (Bass) & Alex „War Tank“ (Drums) Liebe Freunde, ich muss ja zugeben, ich blicke bei der Vielzahl an Bands, die „Midnight“ im Namen haben, kaum noch […]

Interview: Megaton Sword

Megaton Sword gehören zu den absoluten Lieblingsbands der meisten Epic Metal Blog-Redaktionsmitglieder. Daher freuen wir uns sehr, euch heute ein Interview mit der Epic Heavy Metal-Band aus der Schweiz – bzw. Niralet – auf unserem Blog präsentieren zu können. Zu Wort standen uns Dan Thundersteel (Schlagzeug), Uzzy Unchained (Gesang) und Simon the Sorcerer (Bass). Freut […]

My Top 5: Peter Salatellis (Zodiak)

Today we present you Peter Salatellis‘ five favourite long-players of all time. As you can see, the young Greek Canadian guitar wizard of Zodiak prefers classic stuff. Check out his NWOTHM band. Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast Judas Priest – Painkiller Manowar – Hail to England Eternal Champion – The Armor of […]

My Top 5: Leeland Campana (Visigoth)

Here are Leeland Campana’s five favourite albums of all time – a fantastic pick of the guitarist of Epic Heavy Metal heroes Visigoth, do you agree? 1) Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell In my opinion, one of the best Metal albums ever made as a whole. »Children of the Sea« is one of my […]

My Top 5: Claudio Livera (Crystal Skull)

Today, Claudio Livera from Crystal Skull, who gave us an interview in November, presents us his five favourite albums of all time. Running Wild – Masquerade Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith Gamma Ray – Land of the Free Blind Guardian – Imaginations from the Other Side Manilla Road – Crystal Logic