Interview: Greg May (Tyrant)

In 2020, Tyrant finally released their fourth studio album: Hereafter. It was their first full-length after 24 years – and their first record with Robert Lowe. As you probably know, I already had the opportunity to interview the ex-Solitude Aeturnus and ex-Candlemass vocalist for our blog. We talked a while about Tyrant but also a […]

Review: Midnight Priest – Aggressive Hauntings

von Mr. Metalsson Release: 2019 Metal on Metal Records; 2020/21 Dying Victims Productions. Line-up: Lex Thunder (Vox), Iron Fist (Gitarren), Steel Bringer (Gitarren), Joe Dalton – inzwischen nicht mehr Teil der Band (Bass) & Alex „War Tank“ (Drums) Liebe Freunde, ich muss ja zugeben, ich blicke bei der Vielzahl an Bands, die “Midnight” im Namen […]