Best of 2022: Songs

Today we continue with our Best of 2022 series. This time, the focus is on our favourite songs. Two notes on this: There is no particular order here. In addition, we offer you a Tidal and a Spotify playlist this time. We continue to believe that Spotify’s market power is far too great and that […]

Review: Lord Vigo – We Shall Overcome

Release: 01/07/2022 I have already written several times on this blog that Lord Vigo is one of the greatest metal bands Germany currently has to offer: The outfit from Landstuhl, Rhineland-Palatinate, was founded in 2014 and has both an unmistakable style and an impeccable discography. This will not change in 2022, even if the current […]

Playlist: German Gems

Today we present you a playlist containing ten of the most magnificent, epic songs that have been released by German bands in recent years. We hope you enjoy listening to them! 1. Lunar Shadow – Hadrian Carrying Stones 2. Cross Vault – Gods Left Unsung 3. Thronehammer – A Fading King 4. Old Mother Hell […]

Playlist: Epic Longtracks

Also this week we have a playlist for you, which stands under a certain motto: Longtracks. 12 tracks, the shortest lasts 9 minutes and 25 seconds, the longest 17 minutes and 3 seconds. We hope you enjoy this epic journey – take your time! Thronehammer – Behind the Wall of Frost Lord Vigo – Six […]

Live Report: Storm Crusher Birthday Party (11/09/2021)

English version below Als Aidan mir vor einigen Wochen das Billing der Storm Crusher Birthday Party im oberpfälzischen Weiden schickte, zögerte ich keine Sekunde und antwortete: Da müssen wir hin! Mit Megaton Sword, Wheel und Lord Vigo erwarteten uns schließlich drei großartige Bands, die zu 100% Epic Metal Blog-kompatibel sind. Darüber hinaus ist jedes Festival, […]

Storm Crusher Shoutout: LORD VIGO

In this new category we want to briefly introduce you to bands that we like a lot and that generally deserve more attention. Of course, the focus is on underground bands and newcomers. We hope that you will discover one or the other gem for yourself! We start today with Lord Vigo – an Epic […]

Review: Hammer King – Hammer King

Release: 11.06.2021 English version below Die Zeit rast: Ich kann mich noch gut an das Börsencrash Festival 2015 in Wuppertal erinnern, als die Newcomer Hammer King Songs ihres Debütalbums Kingdom of the Hammer King präsentierten. In meinem Interview mit Sänger/Gitarrist Titan Fox V sprach ich im Januar unter anderem über diesen Abend, den die Band […]

Playlist: Epicus Doomicus Teutonicus

Today we present to you another playlist which surely contains some gems you haven’t checked out yet. Enjoy listening. (by Aidan/Divine Victim) Genre: Epic Doom Place of Origin: Germany Rules: no full-length released before 2010 Playlist Servants to the Tide – North Sea Lord Vigo – Six Must Die Fvneral Fvkk – When God Is […]