Live report: Hell’s Heroes V (Part II)

Today we continue with the second part of our live report from Hell’s Heroes V. Our reader Timothy Harris, who also provided us with the featured image, shares his thoughts with you. André: Where are you from? And how long did you travel to get to the festival location? Was it your first time there? […]

Manilla Road Special (47): Ryan Ohlson (Knight & Gallow)

After a relatively long break, we are very happy to continue our Manilla Road Special today. This time we talked to Ryan Ohlson, guitarist in Knight & Gallow from Sacramento, a band that has already been featured on our blog several times. We hope you enjoy reading it. André: Would you classify Manilla Road as […]

Interview: Tyler Anderson (Gatekeeper / Odinfist)

After we presented you an interview with Jeff Black last week, we follow up with a very informative chat with Tyler Anderson in our little Gatekeeper special, who not only talks about his new band, but also about his other group, Odinfist. And of course there’s a lot more! André: Hi Tyler, thanks for taking […]

Manilla Road Special (45): Manolis Karazeris (Dexter Ward)

Today we have a very special interview for you: Manolis Karazeris (Dexter Ward; ex-Battleroar), who we don’t have to introduce to any of our readers, talks about his great love for Manilla Road. Up the Hammers! André: Would you classify Manilla Road as an important source of inspiration for your music? Manolis: I would categorise […]

Manilla Road Special (44): Andrew Clarke (Heathen Kings)

Although the Heathen Kings from Great Britain have not yet released an album, they have already made a couple of appearances on our blog. So it’s only logical to interview singer/guitarist Andrew Clarke as part of our huge Manilla Road Special. We hope you enjoy the read. Would you classify Manilla Road as an important […]

Manilla Road Special (43): Chris Latta (Lavaborne)

Also this Sunday we dedicate ourselves to Manilla Road and Mark Shelton. This time Chris Latta from Indianapolis has his say. Many of you know him as a reviewer, but certainly also as a member of various bands. He currently sings for the doom outfit Lavaborne – we wish you an exciting read! André: When […]

Manilla Road Special (42): Peter Svensson (Anchorite)

In the 42nd part of our big Manilla Road Special, the Swede Peter Svensson, who is currently active in the international epic doom metal band Anchorite, has his say. André: Would you classify Manilla Road as an important source of inspiration for your music? Peter: I would definitely say so, from the more straightforward metal […]

Live report: MANOWAR (Krefeld, 16/06/2022)

Text: André; Pics: Aidan & Christoph If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I would be attending a Manowar club concert in mid-June with my two Epic Metal Blog colleagues Aidan and Christoph, I probably would have laughed out loud. But sometimes things happen that no one expects and that even, when […]