Review: Powergame – Slaying Gods

Release: 18/03/2022 English version below Holla die Waldfee! Die Ostwestfalen legen auf ihrer dritten Langrille los, dass die Senne wackelt! Der Opener und gleichzeitig Titelsong knallt ordentlich! Messerscharfe Riffs schlitzen durch die Boxen, während die Soli in einem tobenden Feuersturm alles in Brand setzen! Und all diese leckeren Doppel-Tripel-Quadrupel-Gitarren-Leads und der Gourmet-Refrain! Für diesen feinen […]

Interview: Claymorean (Part II)

Today we present to you the second part of our big interview with all band members of Claymorean. Have fun reading! (First part: Click here) Let’s start with “local history“: You are from Lazarevac. Please tell us more about your hometown. Vlad: Lazarevac is a small town in the heart of Šumadija (or Forestia in […]

Interview: Runemaster

Today, we may present to you an interview with Scottish heavy metal band Runemaster. In 2020, the quartet from Edinburgh released its first full-length record, called Wanderer. In my opinion, it was one of the best outputs which can be labelled as traditional metal with a lot of epic elements. If you don’t know these […]

Interview: Matt V. Peppe (Royal Hell)

Last week the four members of Royal Hell presented to us their five favourite bands of all time. Today, vocalist Matt V. Peppe tells us a bit more about his favourite music, his band, their future plans and some other topics. Enjoy reading! Hi, Matt, thanks a lot for your time. How are you doing? […]

My Top 5: Dustin Moroz (Arcane Tyrant)

It’s time for another list: Dustin Moroz, guitar player and vocalist of Canadian heavy metal band Arcane Tyrant, shows us his five favourite albums of all time. If you don’t know his band yet, check them out right now! Manowar – Battle Hymns To me, this is the Holy Grail of Metal albums. Not only […]