Review: HelėH – s/t

Release: 05/04/2022; (Vinyl: 02/09/2022) Doom metal with Spanish lyrics – regular readers of our blog will undoubtedly think of Mortajas at this point. While the Chileans are very classical in style on their self-titled debut, the Argentinians HelėH take a much more epic approach on their self-titled debut album. You can imagine that – with […]

Review: Mortajas – Mortajas

Release: 18/01/2021 English version below Wer an Doom Metal und Chile denkt, hat mutmaßlich sofort Procession vor Augen. Dass das südamerikanische Land allerdings noch viel mehr zu bieten hat, beweisen uns Mortajas – in deren Reihen mit dem Bassisten Daniel Perez Saa im Übrigen einer der Gründerväter der Truppe um Felipe Plaza Kutzbach aktiv ist. […]

Playlist: 1 Hour Doom 2021

Today we’ll keep our playlist short and sweet – even though it’s about the slowest kind of metal: 1 hour of excellent doom from the year 2021. 7 gems to enjoy! We dedicate this playlist to Eric Wagner. Rest in peace. Purification – Unholy Resurrection Wheel – When the Shadow Takes You Over Mortajas – […]